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Beginners in amateur astronomy are faced with a number of different challenges. One of the most daunting is the choice of a telescope.

Have you ever wondered, why we don’t feel earth’s rotation? I mean, we’re all on this rock spinning, right? So why aren’t we all feeling giddy!



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A weekly addition of some of the more unusual stories and discoveries in space & astronomy from around the world. Updated daily for those wanting a quick update of current events so keep checking back for all the latest space news. (more…)

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Biblical Prophecy Claims End Of World On Sept. 23

A Christian numerologist claims that the world will end next Saturday when a planet will, supposedly, collide with Earth.So, once again get all your affairs in order and make peace (once again) with your maker! (more…)

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Mars Research Subjects to Emerge After 8 Months Isolation

After eight months of living in isolation on a remote Hawaii volcano, six NASA-backed research subjects will emerge from their Mars-like habitat on Sunday and return to civilization. (more…)

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NASA’s Hubble Captures Blistering Pitch-Black Planet

Don't go looking for the proverbial black cat eating licorice in a coal bin on the planet WASP-12b. It's very large, twice the size of any planet found in our solar system, the world is as black as fresh asphalt. (more…)

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Astronomers Probe Origin Of Mysterious Planet 9

Astronomers at the University of Sheffield have shown that 'Planet 9' – an unseen planet on the edge of our solar system and a source of past speculation – probably formed closer to home than previously thought. (more…)

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Cassini Spacecraft Ends Its Historic Exploration of Saturn

A thrilling epoch in the exploration of our solar system came to a close today, as NASA's Cassini spacecraft made a fateful plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn, ending its 13-year tour of the ringed planet. (more…)

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Cassini – Final Approach Updates

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is on final approach to Saturn, following confirmation by mission navigators that it is on course to dive into the planet’s atmosphere on Friday, Sept. 15. This is the latest update: (more…)

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Cassini Ready To Crash Into Saturn

When the Cassini spacecraft hurtles at 111,000km/h through Saturn’s mysterious rings and into the planet’s hydrogen and ice atmosphere this Friday, NASA mission control will be ready and set to record history. (more…)

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Hubble Just Spotted Possible Water in Trappist

Science scientists first discovered the Trappist-1 system, they've been curious to find proof of water on one of their surfaces. Hubble might just have the answer they're looking for.   (more…)

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MarQ’s Eclipse Flub A Work Of Art

I like to say, “You can make plans, but you can’t plan the outcome!” Yep. That exactly describes my personal adventure during the Great American Eclipse of 2017. (more…)

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What Will Astronaut Peggy Whitson Miss Most About Space?

  After 9 ½ months in orbit, what's on Peggy Whitson's wish list? Will the record-setting NASA astronaut miss anything about space life? Here she opens up in a candid interview. (more…)

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One Step Closer to Cheaper, Faster Internet From Space

For many, it's been a years-long pipe dream: Ultra-fast, lag-free Internet that comes to your PC or Smartphone via satellite instead of a wire into your home. (more…)

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After A Year In Space, The Air Remains In NASA’s Inflated Module

The prototype is unusual. Instead of arriving in space fully assembled as most would expect, it was folded up and then expanded to its full size once in orbit. (more…)

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A Sombre Reminder

Working here at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station immersed in the space industry has its perks. It’s not everyone that can say, “I was late for work because I had to pull over for a rocket stage”. (more…)

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NASA’s Mars Plan May Include Yearlong Moon Mission

The wait is over. A group of astronauts may spend a year in orbit around the Moon in the late 2020s as part of NASA's plan to send humans to Mars in the 2030s. (more…)

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Great American Solar Eclipse Breaks NASA’s Web-Viewing Records

In case you didn't notice, people were really into the Great American Solar Eclipse. I mean, really into it. Just take it from NASA. (more…)

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Astronomer Capture New Information On Gamma Ray Burst

We've been tracking gamma ray bursts since the Cold War, when spy satellites first detected them. It was purely accidental. (more…)

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