The human fascination in the moon probably dates back prior to the time man lifted himself onto his hind legs and began the painstaking process of advancing Earth’s civilization to this current date. That fascination, along with an intense curiosity and the human sense  of exploration led him to strive to reach the unreachable until the unreachable was indeed finally reached in July 1969. Back then Man dared to take one giant leap and go where no one has ever been.

Do it NOW!

You could win your very own land package and large framed souvenir print  Absolutely FREE!

This A3 certificate is glass mounted in an elegant black frame and mailed to your postal address along with your land deeds and map. 

The product will be protected by bubble wrap, sturdy cardboard and packed in a heavy duty postage ‘Tough Bag’. It comes ready to hang on your wall or packaged for the easiest of gift-giving!

Dimensions: – 450mm (w) x 325mm (h) x 20 (d) I have one of these on my office wall. it is simply the ultimate conversation piece. (That's mine at  left)







We had stacks and stacks of entries for this competition and found it extremely difficult to select one winner from so many excellent entries. My sincerest 'Thank You' goes out to all who wrote in and my sincerest condolences go to those who didn't win. There can, of course, be only one winning entry and that was chosen for a variety of reasons. More-so for what it embodied than anything else. There will be more contest so hang on.

Because of the quality and number of entries, and the type of competition it was, I've decided to pick 7 runners up and award them a FREE copy of my best selling E-Book 'Apollo-11 The Untold Story. 'Each of these entries is printed below for your perusal.

CONGRATULATIONS to our winner – Ursula Thompson from South Australia.

Your 'MOONTASTIC' Package is on the way.

Here is Ursula's winning entry:

"I have chosen the ocean plot of the moon because I feel its a free spirited place when I'm out on the ocean. I sadly lost my Mum 4 Christmas's ago then 3 weeks after my Mum passing my youngest sister passed away. I like to think they are up there on a bright star and the moon is their 'planet.' They are free spirits now and the ocean along with the open skies I feel are the same.

I get contentment being out on the ocean or looking up at the sky in the evenings I do believe there is life up there and that's where my Mum and sister are also. I won't say much more than that except the ocean and the dark skies at night mean a lot to me.

When I'm upset, I often go to the beach in the day time or look up to the skies in the evenings and I don't know what it is but nothing else matters when I do this! Is it my Mum and sister with m?  Who knows, however I do know the open skies are an amazing place and if there are any space ships wanting a human, I hope they come and get me – as long as they return me afterwards."


Here are the 7 chosen runners up in no order of preference each winning a copy of my E-Book valued at $14.95.  It will be emailed to each of you shortly. Well done!


My parcel of land on the moon would be the Aloha Crater for a number of reasons. My husband says my bum is a big as a crater on the moon. I would love to live on it to prove him wrong. "See it is smaller than this crater" I would say.  Named after Copernicus, who showed that the Earth moves around the sun, it is easy to identify when sunlit – now that I could also prove to dear hubby that my bottom does not and will not block out the sunlight to Earth, creating a total eclipse – since the crater stretches more than 2,500 km across.

Since it is named the Ocean of Storms, that is what he would get if he moved with me. How fitting would that be! Maybe I would set up my own ‘bottoms up’ nudist colony; or a disco to ‘shake that booty’. I would be among the grandest settings in the universe. Now if he didn’t move with me, he could look up at the crater and think of me in all my big bold shining glory.

"Crater" Chris Mullins


I'd like to win because I need a place where I can get away from it all.  Especially, I can get away from the dreaded leaf blowers.  Having stuff all atmosphere means they won't work on the moon!  😉

 Derek Woodlands


I would purchase the plot of land known as the “Armstrong Crater” for several reasons. Firstly, Neil Armstrong being the first man to walk on the moon, I am told by my Maternal Grandfather that he was distantly related (this has never been confirmed). Therefore the “Armstrong Crater” would be acknowledgement of the family name (even if it were only in honour of my mother’s maiden name Armstrong).

Secondly, the Sea of Tranquillity appeals to me because of the name “Tranquillity” meaning free from stress or disturbance. There are times in life when my day is hectic and busy and when I want to “chill” I look upon the moon and imagine my holiday house in the Sea of Tranquillity which as its’ name suggests is stress-free, calm and relaxing.

Thirdly, the privilege of living near the Apollo 11 mission’s landing site is a reminder of the “one great step for mankind”. Man has had the privilege of exploring the earth and now as they venture into outer-space – what a wonderful opportunity to be reminded of how far we have come.  Lastly, the moon has an appeal to me which cannot be explained. I can gaze upon it for hours and get lost in its beauty. 

Barry and Bronwyn Brown


I would like to win a land package on the moon at Ann Crater, as blocks on the moon would not have Council Rates or Government charges or Taxes (but I'm sure they would come up with some way of getting these charges out of the land owners sooner or later). Seriously the Certificate of ownership of a piece of the moon would be a interesting item to have displayed in our house.
Thank you for the opportunity to try to win this package.

Adrian Lloyd


I have chosen the Romeo Crater. I could not think of a better place to live than an area inspired by Romeo and Juliet. Love is always a great attraction and I have always had a great love of Cheese. Living on a moon that is made of cheese and living in an area that is made of Romeo Cheese is love in action. Romeo and Juliet on crackers is a great recipe of cheese and Strawberry Jam. Or a simple slice of Romeo cheese is so good it must have come from the moon.  I could get up early in the morning and make on giant leap across my mare of cheese

Martin Marriette


Have owned three parcels of land in England. I have owned two parcels of land in Australia. All with residences. I would love to own a parcel of land on the Moon, buuld a residence and escape from everyone (Politicians, Debt Collectors, Family etc.) Spend my final years in splendid isolation, what more could an old fella want.

Ray Walker


Love listening to you with Julie Reynolds on 5AA, I even set my alarm to get up to hear you!, and love the email news letter too, for the competition I would choose Robert Crater, and give it to my brother as a present as his name is Robert! He's had a bit of a rough year and I know he would love this! thanks again for your informative and so interesting radio spots
Stuart Duncan





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