For Thinking About helping.

You may not realize it but your support plays an integral role in the delivery of this news service. Without your support and feedback we couldn’t remain consistently in the top 10% acceptance rate for online astronomy and space newsletters world-wide.

This is first online astronomy news service in Australia delivered to thousands of opt in subscribers in 30 countries weekly, and growing by almost 100% each year. I run this site as a free service to anyone who cares to read it. I don’t get paid and foot the costs out of my own pocket…but I need help.

All websites cost money to run, building, developing and maintenance costs add up, without including software licenses, web space, bandwidth and domain name fees. Sponsors mainly supply goods or services, e-shop sales occasionally pay my phone bill.

Just maintaining the website content each week  is becoming a full time job and a good deal of my time includes answering readers questions and solving their astronomy or space questions. But I love what I do and don’t want to change it.

A number of people have offered to make a monetary contribution in order to support the up keep of the site so I’ve created this page to allow them to do that. Without this support I’d eventually have to shut down the site. Here’s how you can help. 

How Much Should You Donate?

As much, or as little as you like. As much as the value you think you’re going to get from ‘Astro Space News’ over the coming years. If you opt to do nothing my service and commitment to you will not be altered.

How To Donate:

Below, I’ve added a ‘Donate’ button which allows a ‘one off’ payment even if you are not a PayPal customer.

 Recurring Donations

If you find excessive joy and stimulation  please consider becoming a Supporting Member with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of tea and a good dinner. You’ll be keeping us going each week without fear of the dreaded “knock on the door’ and I’ll try to reward you by offering a %10 discount on anything you buy from us…forever!! And ever!:)

$10 Per Week


$20 Per Week  




 $30 Per Week



 IF you prefer you can donate via direct debit to my bank : Here are the details and again, its much appreciated.

Please pay into Account Name: David Reneke    

Bank: Westpac – Wauchope Branch NSW
Branch BSB: 032586
Account No: 439841





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