Muslim Scientist Says World Is Flat

From UFOs to ghosts and psychic powers, history is riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or watch the video and hear these ridiculous claims this nut is quoting from the Koran.

Here are the facts: Mainstream science tells us that sometime between 276 and 196 BC a mathematician named Eratosthenes proved earth was a globe. This theory spread across the world.

By the time Columbus sailed to the West Indies in 1492, most academics and scientists already knew the world was round, or so I’ve been told. Another current runs beneath the surface of this story, and it paints a radically different picture of our world, one in which the earth is flat, astronomy is a hoax, and the government doesn’t want you to know.

This is the world of flat earth theory. What if schools teaching globalism the idea that earth is a sphere rely on misinformation? What if world governments suppress this knowledge through science that relies on conjecture instead of tangible evidence?

And what if astronomy, astrophysics and space exploration are hoaxes built to deceive the population of earth? Flat earthers think most of these what ifs are true, therefore, they ignore the photographs of earth from space along with other scientific evidence, such as mathematical calculations. I know photographs can be faked, and I’m no math whiz, but it’s hard to ignore all the evidence. Source

* Comment: NOW you know why we all have a problem with stone age thinking like this moron’s. Look, if the bloody Eearth is supposed to be FLAT why don’t all countries have DAYLIGHT at the same time?? Will someone ask him that? [ed.]

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