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A weekly addition of some of the more unusual stories and discoveries in space & astronomy from around the world. Updated daily for those wanting a quick update of current events so keep checking back for all the latest space news.

Space modernization up in the air as budget fight continues

U.S. CapitolThe protracted budget stalemate is bad news for the Air Force’s 2018 space investment budget.

Independent review to examine JWST launch plans

NASA will provide an updated launch date for the James Webb Space Telescope early next year, even as some warn that the mission might face further delays.

Industry sees new opportunities for space manufacturing

Space manufacturing, a field whose promise has gone unrealized for decades, is now offering new opportunities thanks to the use of the International Space Station and reduced space access costs, some experts believe.

Study validates NanoRacks concept for commercial space station module

A five-month study supported by NASA has concluded that it is technically feasible to convert a launch vehicle upper stage into a habitat module that could be used on the International Space Station or future commercial space station.

Russia looks past Soyuz-2 failure to Soyuz-5

Try as they might, the Russian space program is having a hard time sustaining a positive news cycle. For every small step forward, it seems they take one giant leap back. Budget cuts, program delays, and regular launch failures dog Russia’s space industry at every turn — making small victories and promises of glories still to come harder and harder to swallow.

Fleet details 100 nanosat constellation for Internet of Things connectivity

The space industry has at least 10 startups all wanting to use cubesats or other small satellites to help keep all manner of interoperable devices connected to a rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

NASA seeks proposals for space resources technologies

NASA is seeking proposals for studies and technology development efforts related to the use of space resources, particularly as they apply to future human missions to the moon and Mars.

FAA offers National Space Council ideas for launch licensing reforms

The Federal Aviation Administration submitted to the National Space Council a set of regulatory reforms that one official said would create a “21st century licensing process” for commercial spaceflight.



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