Physicists Propose A ‘Mirror Universe’ Where Time Moves Backward

Research from Washington University suggests that in the quantum world time runs both backward

Two teams of physicists have been studying the flow of time in the universe. They have put forward the theory that the Big Bang could have generated a second mirror Universe where the time flows in the reverse direction.

The researchers proposed that the time flows backwardly in that mirror Universe. The physicist, Julian Barbour from the University of Oxford in UK told “Time doesn’t pre-exist. The direction and flow of time we have to conclude from what’s happening in the Universe. When we consider it that way, it is inevitable to say that time starts at the central point and flows away in opposite directions.”

Galaxies forming at the time of the Big Bang. Credit: NASA

Physicists have been studying for decades over the fact that it is not necessary for time to move forward. Lee Billings states that “Whether through Newton’s gravitation, Maxwell’s electrodynamics, Einstein’s special and general relativity or Quantum Mechanics, all the equations show that our Universe work accurately whether the time flows forward or backward.”

In 1927, a British astrophysicist Arthur Eddington suggested that there exists an arrow of time. The second law of thermodynamic states, in any isolated system such as universe, entropy keeps on increasing. Our concept of Universe is that the Big Bang began with low entropy and then everything moved toward high entropy. But this theory doesn’t let the time to move backward but the other laws of physics do.

Two more physicists, Sean Carroll from the California Institute of Technology and Alan Guth from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), used a different particle model and concluded the same result. In this particle model, they generated a cloud of finite particles and released it into an infinite Universe.

Big Bang might have created Mirror Universe with time running backward: Research

They noticed the formation of two different arrows of time, one of them was directing toward the centre where there was low entropy and the other was heading toward increasing entropy.

Ultimately the entire cloud was spreading, giving rise to entropy between them. Probably this central part with low entropy indicates Big Bang, satisfying the concept of no beginning of time. Carroll and Guth have announced their findings and acknowledged that there are many drawbacks and still require to be corrected.

But with Barbour’s team’s joint study, it is worthy to say that there is something else other than this single universe, which was originated from the beginning of time. However, I suppose that the Time Bat was correct. Source: Physics-Astronomy

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