Revealed! The Real Xmas Star Found – Double E-Book Offer

To anyone watching these two planets would have been so close they’d appear as one beacon in the sky in the Middle East.

The ‘Star of Bethlehem’ is one of the most powerful symbols of Christianity. Was it purely a divine sign, or was it an astronomical event in its own right? The answer proved very simple. Read what was found!

Do Astronomy and History Support the Bible?

E-Book Cover

I’ve produced an E-Book on the Xmas Star containing much more detail with video imagery showing the actual alignment in progress.

♦ You don’t need to understand the Bible or know anything about the scriptures!

♦ You’ll be taken step by step as the search for the mysterious ‘Star’ unfolds …

♦ Watch as we show you a Flash Video of how the Star was formed …

♦ Revealed! The ‘over the counter’ software program we used to find the Xmas Star…

♦ You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find out – most people are!

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