2018 Xmas Telescope Raffle Winner Drawn

Raffle draw

Into the barrel our staffer goes and the winner is……

The raffle draw for the Dobsonian telescope package was made on Monday afternoon December 15. The first name drawn out from the many hundreds of entries was Victorian resident, Margot Brulotte.

Margot’s telescope is already on the way to her and she says he can’t wait to get out there under the stars over Christmas.  Make room Margot, there are two pretty BIG boxes due to arrive soon! The draw took place under the adjudication of radio personality and local identity, Robin Giacovani.

What can you see with the Saxon Dobsonian Reflecting Telescope System of this size? This is a pure astronomy telescope and you’ll be amazed at the incredibly rich deep sky views it provides.

Bright star clusters explode like fireworks in the eyepiece and dense star clusters begin to resolve with pin sharp stars. Extended nebula spread across the field of view, showing details like wisps of smoke set against starry skies.

Don’t forget the galaxies! Larger, bright galaxies will show details like brilliant core regions and dark dust lanes. Tiny galaxy clusters appear like ghostly grains of rice. Even though the Saxon Dob 10 excels at deep space objects, it is also a fine performer on Solar System objects, too.

You’ll be impressed with the deep craters and tall mountains you’ll see on the Moon. Jupiter will reveal its equatorial zones and you’ll see planetary details like the “Great Red Spot” and variations in the cloud tops… and the four Galiean moons will enchant you with their orbits. Saturn will unveil its ring system and you’ll spy Titan and other small moons, too.

Mars, when it is close, will have brilliant white polar caps edge by a blue atmospheric haze and will delight you with dark markings like Syrtis Major. Don’t forget the phases of Venus, or the pale coloured orbs of Neptune and Uranus. You can even follow the subtle movements of Pluto or chase asteroids with the Saxon Dob!



Many thanks to our sponsor, Cris Ellis from Astronomy Alive (Vic) for supplying the telescope. Cris has been a mainstay supporter of this website for many years and is a business partner with me with Astro-Space News as our equipment supplier, consultant and article contributor.

Cris is founder & owner of Astronomy Alive (established 1982). His astronomy experience spans over 50 years of continuous innovation & growth, his astronomy knowledge is exceptional, even by global standards. Cris’ strategy in selecting optics with customers is simple – “Do it Once – Do it Right”, using “Exclusively” the best products.

Astronomy Alive is – 100% Australian owned – 100% Australian located – and 100% Australian operated – from their telescope showroom & workshop in the Melbourne suburb of Bentleigh.

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