TWO Amazing Telescope Deals For Xmas

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Two perfect packages for the beginner or experienced Astro-Nut. See the mountains on the Moon, the rings of Saturn, Jupiter and his moons, amazing nebula, stars and star clusters.

The Saxon 709EQ  Special Package Refractor Telescope along with the popular Saxon 1149 EQ reflector Telescope are excellent choices for planetary and lunar viewing. Both are very capable deep sky instruments that will take you away to bright nebula and star clusters!

Spend some time with the Moon & Planets and you’ll be hooked. Simple assembly, easy to pack in the car and transport and both come complete with eyepieces and huge warranty. We’ve reduced our stock and priced them at prices we think will shock you… the right way.

These best selling telescopes comes complete, nothing more to spend, and can be used by anyone who has never operated a telescope before! …Interested? Go Look


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