Product Review – The Incredible SvBony Sv25 Scope

SvBONY Telescopes

 The Perfect Entry Level Astronomy or  Travel Telescope  Scope  for Kids to Adult Beginners

Stargaze The Moon and Planets With Ease

  • Beautiful interchangeable eyepieces with a 3x power Barlow lens increase the viewing capability
  • Fully multi coated high transmission coatings gets enhanced images with increased brightness and clarity.
  • This provides correctly oriented images for both terrestrial and celestial viewing
  • Better choice for kids, teens or adult beginners. This is a great way to open up the wonders of the universe to the aspiring astronomer. Perfect for observation of celestial bodies the moon,planets, stars in the night sky

Test Review

I was sent this amazing SV25 telescope from Rita Hu c/o SvBony  for review and eagerly unpacked the box it arrived in. I was impressed straight away by how everything was so well organised.

Assembly was so easy and and only too a few minutes before we were up observing. It is easy to focus and see images in the correct orientation thanks to the 1.25-Inch 90-degree zenith mirror. The mirror also makes it comfortable to view through the eyepiece.

A 5×20 Finderscope makes it easy for you to locate objects from the telescope. The unit is lightweight and you can use it anywhere you want to take it. With the cell phone adapter, the SVBONY 60mm can be used for astrophotography as well and we did just that.

I tried a few shots of the Moon ans was absolutely surprised at how easy this was to do! The phone adapter takes on a few seconds to attach and within 1 minute I was viewing several nice images of the full moon better than I had donewith my larger, more expensive telescopes.



This is without a doubt one of the best beginner telescopes I have ever used. So easy to assemble and use. I was blown away by how crisp and clear the Moon and planets came up in the eyepiece. Absolutely no distortion and sharply defined. Using the camera phone adapter and Barlow lens was easy, anyone can do it.

This range of telescopes are not only great value for money, they fill a gap in beginner astronomy by offering a superior product at very low cost – without compromising quality. I would not hesitate recommending SvBony telescopes to anyone interested in getting started in astronomy.

Keep in mind this is not a professional grade instrument. It is for the serious amateur or parent who has a child interested in astronomy. Go get one, you won’t be sorry!


The telescope comes safely boxed


All parts are neatly assembled


Unboxing and assembly was a breeze


Fitting the finder-scope was simple and easy


Adjusting this telescope is child’s play


Kids who used the telescope were absolutely amazed


Fitting the excellent camera phone holder took no time at all


The images we got using the adapter were superb. This is so simple to take astro pics!




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