Jeff Bezoz Wants To Colonise The Moon By 2023

The race is hotting up. AMAZON boss Jeff Bezos outlined his plan to colonise the moon with his rocket company Blue Origin in partnership with NASA by the year 2023.

Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos wants to colonise the moon

The multi-billionaire who recently unseated Bill Gates as the richest man on the planet has set his eyes firmly on the moon. And AC Charania, business development director for Blue Origin, revealed the rocket company aims to establish a base on the moon within the next five years. Mr Charania said the company is “actively working” towards a lunar landing mission dubbed Blue Moon. He said: “Blue Moon is on our roadmap and because of our scale, because of what we see from the government, we brought it a little bit forward in time.”

The bold venture will see the company partner with US agency NASA. Earlier last year in May, Mr Bezos outlined his plans to conquer the moon during a live talk at the Seattle Museum of Flight. The Amazon boss said the time has come for humans to return to the moon but with the goal of staying. Mr Bezos suggested setting up lunar colonies on the Moon’s poles, where direct sunlight does not reach certain ice-filled craters.

He said: “We have proposed to this idea of returning to the moon and we would like to set up a cargo service for that. “We call the program Blue Moon and we have an architecture and some technologies that will allow us to soft-land large amounts of mass on the surface of the moon which could be necessary if you wanted to build a permanent settlement there. “I think we should build a permanent human settlement on one of the poles of the moon and it’s time to go back to the moon but this time to stay.

“There you would want to preposition a whole bunch of equipment and supplies before the humans show up and some of those things might need to be assembled on the surface of the moon and that’s the kind of thing that could be done by advanced robotics with machine learning systems on board.”  Source: Express

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