A Low Cost Way To Add GPS To Your Telescope


Shevill Mathers, of Cambridge Tasmania, sets up his observation systems. Shevill is one of the world’s most prominent and expert amateur astronomers and fully endorses the product.

THIS is probably one of the BEST and usable products I have ever come across and used! For simplicity and value for money it really has no peers. See what the experts say and think about adding GPS to your rig.

Add GPS to your telescope! Our new 65-channel GPS-NX02 receiver works with the Astro-Physics GTO, Celestron NexStar, NexStar+, StarSense, Losmandy Gemini, Meade 497/497EP Autostar, Audiostar, LX200 Classic, Autostar II, Orion Atlas/Sirius GoTo, Sky-Watcher SynScan and Vixen StarBooks (see telescope models).

Imagine if your telescope could access the Global Positioning System so that it always knew when and where you were observing from. No more checking your watch, looking up site coordinates or fiddling with the keypad to enter the date, time, latitude and longitude. StarGPS uses a single cable to connect your telescope to the GPS receiver and automatically input these values… making your telescope setup much easier and more precise!

About Us

StarGPS was developed by PixSoft Inc. StarPatch and the GPS Setup patch were designed and programmed by Chris Carson with the help of Dick Seymour and Andrew Johansen. The additional Autostar, Audiostar and Autostar II patches were developed by Dick Seymour and Andrew Johansen and are included with their permission. Many thanks to Dick and Andrew for their help!


All orders are shipped by Canada Post air mail. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery (USA/Canada orders usually arrive in 5 to 7 business days).

“Operation is simple: plug everything in, power up the scope and wait for the StarGPS-NX’s single LED to indicate it has successfully linked with GPS and uploaded the information to the hand control.”
Mike Swanson, NexStar 102 SLT

“StarGPS-NX is without question an utterly awesome bit of kit. It turned my ETX-125 from an approximately and painfully aligned scope into a precision device in under a minute. Brilliant! Best money I’ve spent on a scope accessory ever. Meade and Celestron should ship your device as standard with their non-GPS scopes.”
Joanna Bradshaw, ETX-125EC

“More time spent on Observing – less time setting up.”
Shevill Mathers, LXD55 SN-10, Southern Cross Observatory Tasmania

Why should I add a GPS to my telescope?
Adding a GPS makes the telescope setup easier and more precise. It ensures that the correct date, time, latitude and longitude are automatically input based on the Global Positioning System. This is a great convenience as demonstrated by the StarGPS reviews and customer comments. This is why Meade already includes GPS with their high-end telescopes.

65-channel GPS-NX02 receiver Measures only 39 x 45 x 16 mm (1.5 x 1.8 x 0.6 in)

· Fast time-to-first-fix and low power consumption
· High performance 65-channel SkyTraq chipset
· Supports standard NMEA-0183, Meade LX200, Celestron NexStar, Synta Binary and Vixen HTTP protocols
· Automatically detects telescope type (Meade, Celestron, Synta, Vixen or none)
· Switches to standard 4800 baud NMEA output after 45 seconds if no telescope is detected
· Lithium cell sustains internal clock and memory (recharges during normal operation)
· LED power indicator blinks to indicate receiver status (see General Information)
· Automatic cold start with no user initialization required
· Compact design with integrated antenna/receiver
· One-year warranty (parts & labor)


Take A Look At Wat people Are saying

Dr. P. Clay Sherrod, Arkansas Sky Observatories, ASO H45/H41

“Really good… date, time, and location data will be quickly, accurately, AND automatically entered into your telescope’s GOTO system.”
Mike Weasner, ETX-105PE, ETX-125AT, 8″ LX200-ACF, Weasner’s Mighty ETX Site

“This has to be the easiest piece of hardware I have ever used”
Iain Barker, NexStar SLT, Celestron C11 AS-GT

“Absolutely great… I never set up any of my mounts without it”
Mike Overacker, Celestron CGE, Meade LXD55 AR6, LX200 Classic 8″ & 10″

“Simple to use and very accurate!”
Steve Bedair, 497 Autostar with C-11 custom mount

“It is very convenient that alignment can be carried out without checking a clock.”
Yoshikatsu Kida, ETX-90EC, ETX-105EC
etx.galaxies.jp/modules/stargps (Japanese, many pictures)

PixSoft Inc.  Website: www.stargps.ca
208 – 3111 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
Canada  R3K 0W4

Mr. Chris Carson
Tel: (204) 885-4936

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