Announcing The World-Wide Solstice Festival

A MESSAGE FROM JOHN W. O’NEAL II – Please get right behind this amazing new initiative for 2015:  Over the last few years I’ve done a fair amount of public outreach, as an individual & as an astro club member.

One of the things I’ve learned is that when you announce an outreach event you can expect some people to show up, maybe ten, maybe a hundred, if you take out adds in the papers, etc.

BUT, if you announce that you are going to hold a FESTIVAL, many, many people will come. Usually in DROVES. WHY? Because people LIKE festivals!!!! Festivals provide the festival goers with entertainment!!!! and with FOOD, BANDS, MUSIC, CRAFTS, ARTISTS, VENDORS, SOLAR SCOPES, did I say FOOD????? Festivals draw children, adults, wives, husbands, lovers, teens, tweens, businesses, politicians, newspaper and media groups, etc. The appeal is universal…..

solar funnel

The music and vendors and food present at many of these festivals is a huge draw, which astronomy clubs and even single individuals can not hope to compete with. But if our members partner with these festivals to bring their telescopes, images and solar presentations to the festival, they can dramatically increase the scope and breadth of their event by opening it up to a much larger group of presenters and participants, which will in turn allow us to reach a much broader, more diverse and dramatically larger audience.

And, isn’t our goal to share our love of all things solar with as many people as possible, to extend our reach, to cross cultural and ethnic lines, to share with the masses. Art, music, good food and good company will bring many more people to us and our telescopes, than an ad in a local paper advertising an astronomy outreach program.

So, without further ado, I give you the (drum roll) WORLDWIDE SOLSTICE FESTIVAL!!!

The festival will encompass BOTH solstice dates. In June, northern hemisphere participants can do outside venues while Southern Hemisphere participants can schedule indoor activities, if weather warrants that. On the December date, we northerners can host indoor or virtual events and presentations while, our southern hemisphere participants can host their WORLDWIDE SOLSTICE FESTIVAL during their local summertime.

If there is no local festival in your area, clubs and individuals can partner with Metroparks, civic groups and/or business interests to start their own festival. You can invite musicians, bands, artists, crafts people, food vendors, solar power representatives, etc. Let your imagination be your guide! You can partner with Metroparks, Museums, libraries, your local NASA office, etc, etc

The sky is the limit. You have the freedom to make your WORLDWIDE SOLSTICE FESTIVAL EXACTLY what YOU want it to be… The sky is truly the limit.  All we ask is that you share your images of your Festival with us here on our WORLDWIDE SOLSTICE FESTIVAL Group Page




I am excited to welcome the Mid North Coast Astronomy Group to our virtual Worldwide Solstice Festival! With the success of our recent WORLDWIDE SOLSTICE FESTIVAL we have decided to make the solstices a recurring EVENT here at SOLARACTIVITY.We have created a WORLDWIDE SOLSTICE FESTIVAL page and would like to take this opportunity to invite all our friends, associates and partners to join us in celebrating one of the most well known astronomical occurrences on Earth, the SOLSTICES.

The next big day will be Sunday, June 21st, 2015, followed by December 22nd, 2015.We encourage everybody who can to partner with their local club, or metropark or any other civic group and host a festival if possible. Or do a google search and find a local solstice festival already in progress and join them. If a full blown festival does not suit you or your organization, just do some/any kind of outreach, whether it be with telescopes, displays, etc.

Hey, organise an event, hold a street stall, visit schools, raise a rukus OK

Between now and June we will share some ideas and look for input from our friends here on what direction the SOLSTIVE FESTIVALS might take.In my mind, thee sky is the limit. There are lots of resources out there, ripe for the picking. Let’s gather them around us and use them to our advantage. Let’s use people’s inate love of festivals to gather them to us. Let’s provide food and drink and art and music and merriment to get the people in front of our displays and our telescopes and our demonstrations and presentations…..

If you decide to participate, go to our new WWSF paage and LIKE us. If your group decides to participate, let Pamela Shivak know and she will get your group’s logo in the the master logo folder. We look forward to once again partnering with all the great people we have worked with in the past, and we anticipate meeting many exciting new partners in the future.’Nuff said! Here’s the link:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/worldwidesolsticefestival/    Pam Shivak’ page Click


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