Are Zodiac Signs Real? Here’s the History Behind Horoscopes

Long before we embarked on the journey that we know today as celestial navigation, people have been reading their fate into most, if not all, everyday things. In this article our correspondent Ben unravels the mystery for us.

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However, it’s important to mention the fact that the sky, the sun, and the stars were used as guidance long before people discovered the zodiac. Travelers used the sky and the stars as their own compass, as well as a source of mystical direction.

Still, there is one question in the mind of everyone who’s guiding their life based on what the zodiac signs say – namely, are they actually real? Without giving you a direct answer, let’s move straight to discovering the interesting history behind the zodiac signs and find out where it all originated from!

Ancient Times

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the stars – and, eventually, the zodiac signs – can be seen as a thing that us, humans, have turned to in order to find the answers to some of our questions.

Before we started to look up, so to say, we probably believed that both animals and certain things can be infused with a spirit that can influence us. For example, cavemen used to worship certain animals, believing that they originated from a higher power.

Naturally, by listening and following that spirit, they were infused with was believed to result in a successful hunt.

This practice can be seen on cave art, where certain drawn animals have either an aura or are larger than usual.

  • Ancient China – during this time, high-class people used to look at sunspots and eclipses and identify them as bearers of either bad or good times for their supreme leader.
  • Sumerians and Babylonians – opposed to looking at the sky, Sumerians and Babylonians used to study the spots of the entrails and liver of the animals they hunted. However, they had a use for the stars and the sky as well – they believed that the stars and the planets helped them track the gods’ location in the sky.
  • Ancient Egypt – Egyptians thought that certain star patterns made up constellations. They also noticed that the Sun seems to move through these constellations at certain times during a year.

The Emergence of the Zodiac

The twelve signs of the zodiac were set down in Ancient Greece. They were named after constellations, obviously, and, based on the relationship between the sun and their placement in the sky, they were matched with dates.

However, it has been shown that the Babylonians already divided the zodiac into its 12 signs around 1500 BC – whereas Ancient Greece did it around 330 BC. The names given to the zodiac’s constellations were quite similar to the ones we have today – the Lion, the Great Twins, the Scales, etc. Naturally, these can be seen incorporated in Greek divination.

  • Why Twelve Sings?

Given that we can see only what surrounds our earth, it’s only natural that we think of a sphere when positioning stars and constellations. Therefore, there are now 12 signs of the zodiac because it was believed that they are 30 degrees wide and that the Sun moves around them regularly during a year.

Moreover, when it comes to naming, the word zodiac means sculpted animal figure in Ancient Greek.

Are Zodiac Signs Real?

Even though some people – mainly scientists – try to dismiss astrology and the power of the twelve zodiac signs, they cannot come with any proof against the anecdotal evidence that has been gathered so far.

In short, people report over and over that something they read in their horoscope came true. Moreover, such things happen so often that they cannot be ruled out. In a way, it’s quite similar to religion, where miracles are known to happen so often without any proof backing them.

Astrology bases its accuracy on the fact that there are so many anecdotes that stand as proof of its truthfulness.

The Bottom Line

The horoscope comes with more than just one history, so to say. Every ancient culture had its own way of reading their fate in certain things, animals, the sky, the sun, and the stars. The same applies nowadays when different beliefs come with different approaches to what we know as the zodiac.

However, the question persists, are the zodiac signs real?

The answer to this question is mostly a mystery, depending on what you are ready to believe in. The zodiac signs are as real as your belief in fate and in the fact that higher powers can influence it or help us do so.

Article supplied by: Ben RYG hello@reloadyourgear.com

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