Astro Dave On U.S. Radio

I've been invited to do a 1-2 hour radio session with Dr. David Livingstone, on the 'Space Show' – one of the most successful and longest running astro/space progarms in the world. We'll be highlighting most aspects of the space program, talking about my 40 year involvement in astronomy/space issues and my recent meetings with Buzz Aldrin and Sir Richard Branson in the US in 2008. You can listen in live on the internet.

I go on air with him this coming Tuesday evening (California time) 7-8:30 PM PST.  In Australia its 1pm Wednesday November 30 Australian east coast time. Listen HERE


The Space Show with Dr. David Livingstone

The 'Space Show' strives to provide you with timely and relevant links on issues influencing the development of outer-space commerce and space tourism, as well as other related subjects of interest to us all.

The Space Show is a biweekly radio talk show, presented by Dr. David Livingston, about space commerce and exploration that is also available archived online as a podcast. It has had over a thousand shows, with many interviewees, including Freeman Dyson, John Logsdon, Alan Boyle, Jordin Kare], Andrew Chaikin, Francis French and Walter Anderson.

On broadcast AM radio, The Space Show is hosted on KKNW, 1150AM Seattle, Washington.

You can now listen to The Space Show live, click here for more information.

The Space Show® is now podcasting! To listen please subscribe to the RSS feed

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