Astronaut Plays Ping Pong With Ball Of Water in Space

While more than 75 million Americans on the East Coast are conjuring up ways to stay entertained as a massive winter storm hits, one NASA astronaut shared a glimpse of how they pass the time aboard the International Space Station.

Scott Kelly, who rang in his 300th consecutive day on the International Space Station on Thursday, commemorated the milestone by posting a video to YouTube of a fascinating way to play ping pong that’s possibly only in zero G: with a ball of water using hydrophobic paddles. “They repel water, kind of like a raincoat,” Kelly said of the paddles.

Using microgravity to his advantage, Kelly ejects water from a water bottle, which immediately forms into a loosely shaped ball. As he passes the ball back and forth, it bounces, rather than splashes when hitting the paddles.

Kelly has been using the hashtag #YearInSpace to document his extended stay at the ISS while his twin astronaut brother Mark remains on Earth so that scientists can study the effects of an extended stay in space. Scott Kelly has another 64 days left aboard the ISS. He will be holding a question-and-answer session on Reddit on Saturday. Source: ABC News

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