Astronomy 2014 Yearbook

Your Guide To The Night Sky

This yearbook has been published since 1991 and is written by Australians for Australians.



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You are Gonna NEED this book if you have a telescope! If you’re a casual sky-gazer… you’ll NEED this book!

This annual publication has been designed for anyone who looks at the night sky whether they are using just their eyes, a pair of binoculars or a telescope. The book has something for everyone from the basic novice up to the advanced amateur astronomer, including people with a casual interest who might just want to know, “what is that bright star next to the Moon?”

By using this book you’ll be armed with powerful tools for those first learning their way around the sky. The Astronomy 2014 Yearbook is a guide to the Southern Hemisphere with a month by month chart of the stars, moon and planet positions. Features: Realistic drawings, maps and beautiful photos all designed for Australian stargazers. In addition to the usual features, this year’s book includes an article on Nightscape Photography and information on observing double stars.

The Yearbook also includes details of where and when to find comets, when to see meteor showers and ‘shooting stars’, public observatories in Australia, the best times to observe the planets, easy to read rise/set charts for each month, and details of amateur astronomical societies. This annual gem continues to take the Australian stargazer on a wondrous journey of the night sky. [No kidding, I use this almost everyday and highly recommend it as a valuable source of almost anything that’s happening, or going to happen, in our night skies. Ed]

This yearbook, produced by three well known experts in the field, takes a unique approach to explaining and identifying the Sun, Moon, planets and constellations; it’s simply the best publication of its kind in the world!

 Don’t wait too long.. .there are some GREAT viewing months ahead!!!

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