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NightSkySecrets have been conducting astronomy tours & presentations across Northern Australia since 2009. Our specialty is tours featuring an aboriginal perspective on the southern skies and viewing the deep sky through large Aperture Telescopes.

Nightsky Secrets

Tours are conducted to coincide with a moonless or near moonless sky and sometimes special celestial events such as planetary conjunctions, Comets, Nova Stars and more. So come along on one of our unique tours and delve deep into the hidden mysteries of the Southern Sky. Our seasonal tours are run in Far North Qld from April until November each year & are naturally weather dependant.

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Available Tour Dates are selected from 3 days after the full moon to 3 days after the new moon to give an essentially moonless sky & the deep sky observing opportunities that brings. Typically on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday nights. However private tours can be arranged outside of these times under a moonlit sky, where the focus will be on the Moon, Constellations, Planets, star clusters & stars. Such as are visible under a moonlit sky.

Who are our Tour Participants ?

We have guests join us from all around the world, including (so far) UK, USA, Japan, China, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea & Finland to name a few as well as our Local and interstate visitors. Our tour participants range from those who have never seen a clear & unpolluted night sky to experienced astronomers.Image result for night sky secrets tours

* Viewing from our dark sky outback location on the beautiful 5000 acre property “Kanjini”, 1hr from Cairns CBD.

*A meal shared at sunset, over astronomical discussion.

*Share Aboriginal Astronomy Stories and Lore with astronomy tales from the ancient world at large.

*We reveal hidden Nebula, Galaxies, Star Clusters & Planets with large aperture telescopes & a guided tour.

* Tours cater for the curious, through to the experienced Astronomer seeking to see the delights of our Australian skies.

* Tours are Either self Drive Tag-a-long ($25 p.p Discount) with a meeting point on the tablelands near Kay Rd off the Kennedy Highway between Kuranda and Mareeba (see Attached Map), or small van or coach for dedicated group tours (by arrangement), returning to Cairns by 10:30pm

* Tours are a small group experience limited to Aprox. 12 Participants plus our staff for a personalised & in depth exploration of the secrets of the night sky. (Our minimum is for 4 people on any tour night)

Full Price *: Adults: $145 Children: $85 (6-15 y.o)

If you are planning a tour around astronomy viewing, it is best conducted around the time of the “New Moon” each month. This is from 3 days after the full moon to 3 days after the New Moon.

This is for the dark skies this gives, allowing faint Galaxies and Nebula to be seen. Tours are conducted with 8″ – 10″ or 12″ reflecting telescopes typically, but we can customise this for specialist tours for Astrophotography or Very Large Aperture viewing upon request.

For further info OR to make a booking CLICK HERE 

 Email Enquiries Welcome: https://www.nightskysecrets.com.au/contacts/

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