Breathtaking First Video of NASA’s Visit To Pluto

When NASA flew a spacecraft by Pluto for the first time in history last month on July 14, we were treated to beautiful photos of the dwarf planet’s surface, but unfortunately, there was no video of the flyby — until now!

Check out this breathtaking video of the flyby that Bjorn Jonsson just released on Vimeo and see for yourself what it would have been like to ride on the unmanned spacecraft as it dipped to just 7,800 miles above Pluto’s surface:

Before NASA sent New Horizons to Pluto, there was very little we could say about the dwarf planet. Now, we know that Pluto harbours towering mountains, water ice, and an mysteriously active climate that is sweeping across the surface.

One of the most surprising finds was how thick its atmosphere was, which scientists learned only after the spacecraft passed Pluto. After flying over Pluto’s surface, New Horizons turned around and pointed its camera at Pluto as the dwarf planet eclipsed the sun. What it saw — shown in the image below — was proof that the spacecraft completed its historical flyby, and evidence that a thick atmosphere surrounded Pluto.

s affecting the surface on Pluto. New Horizons still has the majority of its data on board, but will be transmitting the information to Earth over the next 16 months, so stay tuned as we learn more and uncover new mysteries about Pluto.  Source: Business Insider

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