Company Offering Cheap Flights To The ‘Edge of Space’

For thriller seekers, the chance to ride a supersonic military jet right to the edge of space and into the Earth’s stratosphere may be closest thing to space tourism. It is a service by Swiss company MiGFlug.

Affordable enough for a lot of people, costing up to £13,800, in which they take adventures as high as 13.6 miles into sky for a dazzling view of the earth in a MiG-29 jet fighter. MiGFlug has been offering the trip, called Edge of Space flights, for over 12 years and remains the only company worldwide to offer civilians the chance to break the sound barrier and fly at supersonic speed.

While a commercial flight cruises at an average of ten metres per second, MiGFlug fliers climb into the sky at a rate of 330 metres per second. Prior to take off, adventurers are given high altitude outfits, oxygen masks, a medical check up and training at Nizhny Novgorod airbase in Russia.

Budding pilots can even control the jet on the descent and a wide range of daredevil manoeuvres are on offer – including rolls and breaking the sound barrier by flying at supersonic speed. MiGFlug representative Philipp Schaer said: “We tried to design a unique product that goes beyond acrobatics and supersonic flying.”

“Customers can see the curvature of the Earth, surrounded by a thin blue layer, the atmosphere.” Each flier experiences an average G-force of 7.5g and customers can even try weightlessness. Source: Telegraph

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