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Not exactly 'Astro Dave' but a reasonable facsimile thereof....

In 2012 ‘Astro-Space News’ turned 10. I’ve been constantly producing this newsletter each week , with a few breaks in between, culminating in where we are now. Future expansion is planned.

We’ve expanded into 32 countries with thousands of subscribers…plus more! It may not seem so but it takes an enormous amount of time to find story material, rewrite/edit/cut and paste etc to bring it to final production.

Compounding the problem are the many and varied pages we now have and the greater number of illustrated photos and graphics needed to enhance the story lines. Simply put, I need help.

I’d like to hear from anybody who can asisst in compiling information for me in a voluntary capacity. You will be acknowledged in the credits for each piece you either write or extract from another source. I’m looking for a person, or persons. who have the time to peruse online material and draft it into a word doc with images. You get all links to wherever you want plus your name as the contributor/writer. If you have a webpage or simple blog/FB page you’ll get a lot of increased world-wide exposure.

The sections I need help with are –

GENERAL SPACE and ASTRONOMY STORIES:  I have dozens of leads and need people capable of taking them to and cut and paste (with credits) into a word doc.

LATE NEWS. A few of the latest stories each week on Astronomy/Space issues

FEATURE STORIES: Longer stories on past or present space and astronomy subject matter

USA NEWS: Any space/astro news from the states weekly… short cut and paste stories and story links needed

EUROPEAN/ASIAN/BRITISH: Weekly snippets and or short articles on Astronomy and Space

STRANGE STUFF: Anything unusual from the world of science

SPACE EVENTS – Astronomy/space events across Australia

UFO REPORTS: Almost given up asking for this but I need weekly sighting snippets etc.

STRANGE FACTS: Locate and copy astro/space/science stories with a twist or humoumorous bent

HINTS and TIPS:  Find innovations or modifications to astronomy equipment or viewing techniques. New products. How to’s etc

PLUS… any other suggestions welcome.  Contact Dave Reneke (Editor) davereneke@gmail.com

* Please only apply if you are SERIOUS and can be regular.

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