‘Cosmic Watch’ – A Time Machine For Your Smartphone

Imagine a time machine where you could bridge the knowledge gap between ancient astrological concepts and today’s modern astronomy. Imagine too all that contained in one app on your smartphone.

Experience time and space with this high quality 3D planetarium and AR sky guide

Too much to ask you might say? Not with the Cosmic Watch it isn’t! It must be noted that Cosmic-Watch is not a watch at all, at least not in the physical sense. It’s an app for the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch.

As a leading and recognised astronomical authority I get a lot of products to review covering almost all aspects of this exciting hobby, but none have intrigued and impressed me as much as this Swiss made COSMIC WATCH app I recently installed on my iphone.

Along with standard world clock functions, it features a detailed model of the solar system with the major constellations and stars visible from your backyard at any given time, past or future. There’s your time machine!

Load the app and open it to see an interactive globe which allows you to zoom into and around any earthly location you choose to see the sky as a world traveller would at any time they choose. You can reverse time or bring it forward a thousand years to see events that you won’t be around to see in real time. For me it was cool to go back and see what the night sky was like at the exact moment of my birth! Try it, it’s awesome. I printed mine out.

Image result for cosmic watch

The app’s layout is as pleasing to the eye as it is functional

An in depth exploration of the app’s settings provide you with a wide range of extra options including an old fashioned solar system model called an ‘orrery.’ It’s amazing! You can watch the planets orbit at their different speeds with all the detailed information to make you an instant expert!

Solar eclipse warnings and conjunction alerts pop-up when appropriate, those rarer things that excite any avid stargazer. I had to put it down and get some sleep, there was just so much to see with this app!

My favourites? Well that’s easy, the compass mode and various overlaid guides impressed me. The app’s Astrology Mode too is a winner showing the sun, the moon, and the planets, identified by their astrological sign.  I thought for the beginner or recent new telescope owner the app’s easy to follow tutorials bring the whole package nicely together.

Cosmic Clock’s app views are beautifully rendered. Check it out at cosmic-watch.com. It’s available both on iOS and Android.

Compiled and assessed by: Dave Reneke (Astro Media Services) June 2018


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