Want A Different Sort Of Present For Dad? Get Him A Telescope!

909EQ2 – 90mm Refracting Telescope System

 This is our most popular selling telescope and we never get returns! Cris and I have put together a short run package especially for Dads. Make no mistake… The Saxon 909EQ2 – 90mm Special Package Refracting Telescope System isn’t a telescope just for the children. Here you will find a beautifully manufactured, 90mm aperture achromatic refractor that delivers bright, sharp views of both celestial and terrestrial subjects.

What Can You See?  The Rings of Saturn – The bands on Jupiter and his Moons – Craters and valleys on the Moon – Beautiful Nebula – Double Stars – Star Clusters, Planets and you can even use it in daytime to do landscape viewing, bird or whale watching with everything up the right way!

This Saxon 909EQ2 90mm Special Package Refractor Telescope is an excellent choice for planetary and lunar viewing and with optional drive accessory can also be used for astrophotography.

Highlights • Heavy Duty EQ2 Equatorial mount/ dual controls  • Heavy duty adjustable aluminium tripod  • Eyepieces – Premium (25mm & 10mm) interchangeable full sized eyepieces  • Rack and pinion focuser – 1.25 inch  • Premium quality 6 X 30mm finder scope  • Exceptional value for money • High performance equatorial mount • Maximum capability per dollar in ANY tripod scope • Made by global leading brand Saxon. Plus.. a 90 degree star diagonal – to suit Astronomy – plus Terrestrial landscapes, birding and whale watching as well.


 Now you know why they sell like hotcakes!!  (Warning – this telescope will get you ‘hooked’ on astronomy). Excellent value Introductory to Intermediate level astronomy telescope system  which is also portable enough to carry anywhere you want to travel.  

You Won’t Buy A Telescope Package Like This For This Price Anywhere!

Was $549 NOW $384.00( plus delivery)

 OPTIONAL – Upgraded package offer

This 909Eq2 with Colour filter set and 6.3/6.5mm Super Plossl eyepieces

$534.00 ( plus delivery)

  * FREE With Every Purchase

TWO Fabulous E-Books To get Started 300 Pages. A great start to any stargazer. The best and easily the most comprehensive astronomy book for beginners.         A Hundred Night Sky Objects to See in a Small Telescope – and How to Find Them. Best Seller Valued at $30 alone

This is a Special Offer

As stock is definitely limited . All orders are on a first come, first served basis. Hit the ‘Contact ‘ Button below, tell us it’s about the scope, leave your name and phone number and Cris or I will get straight back to you to establish your preferred delivery dates and times for ‘Hubby’s’ surprise. IF you are a hubby then just contact us below.

NOTE: Prices May Be Subject To Change from Year To Year




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