Discover The Fascinating World of Astronomy For Your Child

 Are your kids curious about space and science? If they are, then as a parent, you need to participate actively in helping them learn astronomy. Here is a guide through some ways of teaching kids about the solar system.

Enjoying the stars

Astronomy is about space and science. It focuses on celestial bodies which include; comets, stars, planets, and galaxies. Studies of astronomy started back then in ancient Mesopotamia and later on by the Romans, Greeks and Mayans civilizations. However, all these ancient studies had to observe the space with just their eyes, and there was only much to what someone could see. Great scientists then came around – like Galileo Galilei who invented the telescope and made it easier learning about the solar system with a better view and ability to see much further bodies.

There are more fun ways of teaching kids about the solar system that we’re going to learn from this article.

Teaching Kids about the Solar System

Why do we explore the world of astronomy? Take some time with your kids tonight and step out to observe the sky with the best telescope. Ask them what they see. Most times they are curious. Try observing the sky keenly with your kids for several nights, and you’ll notice it looks quite different each night. The stars might seem brighter than the previous days, the moon larger and maybe shooting stars, but why is it so?

Make good use of your kid’s curiosity and help your kids in learning about our solar system. It’s easier than you might think, go ahead and acquire the following:

  • A bag of marshmallows
  • White crayons
  • Black construction paper
  • Moon chart
  • Books from the booklist on education for astronomers
  • Astronomy apps on your phone
  • The best telescope or binoculars for outdoor viewing
  • Constellation diagrams

The activities are usually done at night, take little time in preparation and can help your kids in learning astronomy.

Ways of Learning Astronomy

  1.    Try Creating Your Constellations

Surprise your kids with a yummy constellation project. Just follow the following steps:

  1. a)    Select your favorite constellation; for most kids, their favorite is usually the one they constantly see, or some animal may be. For instance, the hunter Orion; to find Orion’s belt of three stars is easy from where you live.
  2. b)    Draw it on a black paper using white crayons; use the constellation picture guides as a template. This you could easily find on the internet.
  3. c)    For the stars, use mini-marshmallows and toothpicks to connect them.

Constellations could be a fun way of teaching kids about the solar system.


  1.    Read About Celestial Bodies

    Teaching kids about the solar system

Kids love story time, and this could be an opportunity to enlighten them on some part of the solar system. They love new words, and learning astronomy will expose them to some vocabulary. There are several books you can read together, remember to pick the following books the next time you pass by the library store:

  • There’s No Place Like Space by Tish Rabe
  • Zoo in the Sky by Jacqueline Mitton
  • The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn Branley
  1.    Visit a Planetarium

Projector in the observatory

If your kids are already addicted to space form the books and home constellation projects, then they’re probably insisting on a visit to the Planetarium. Many towns and cities have Planetariums and Observatories. These contain large and powerful telescopes that will allow your kids to observe the stars, galaxies and celestial bodies with a near-eye experience. Find a Planetarium near you and take your kid for a visit.

  1.    Add More Twinkle to Your Kids’ Room

For preschool kids, once they are eager to learn about space and time, it won’t stop. Bring the stars to your kid’s room by creating glow in the dark constellations with some of the fun facts about planets for preschoolers. There are also toys that could shine constellations in your kid’s room.


Spending some night time outside to look at the stars is the perfect way to spend some good time with your kid. No indoor distractions at all! We’re hoping that your kids will have a nice time learning about astronomy.

We’d love to hear about your space and science adventures? Leave us a comment. greenalex6666@gmail.com

Author’s Bio: Alex Green is a freelance writer from LA. From a young age he was interested in technology and astronomy.  Now he works as a computer engineer, in his free time he writes about interesting things that he discovers.


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