Donald Trump In Really Bizarre And Trippy Video About Nasa

The White House has released a video of President Trump that feels like something straight out a 90s science fiction film. A bizarre video which looks to be made by a teenager who has just watched an Adam Curtis film -Trump discusses Nasa.

The president reads from an auto-cue, in the manner of a hostage: ‘My fellow Americans. ‘This week, in the company of astronauts I was honoured to signed the Nasa Transition Authorisation Act right into law.

‘With this legislation we renew our national commitment to Nasa’s mission of exploration and discovery.’ He then concludes the monologue with a statement that appears to have been extracted via means of water torture: ‘I love America’.

With music and file film footage the video, which has racked up thousands of views, appears similar to late 90s science fiction. But most LSD-esque of all is the Leader of the Free World reminding us: ‘How much we don’t know about space and, frankly, how much we do not know about life’.

Donald Trump appears in really bizarre and trippy video about Nasa

Telescopes are ‘amazing’ (Picture: White House/YouTube)

Leaving that incredibly complex moral, theological and philosophical question hanging music cuts to a crescendo as if viewers have been given an answer.

He then jump cuts to speaking about the ‘JAMES WEBBS’ telescope – emphasis his own – in a manner of someone who has learned English from a phrase book. Source:  Metro News

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