Rent A Hi-Power Telescope or Large Binoculars.

Lying under the night sky and gazing up at the distant galaxies above is just about the best nocturnal activity you can do on an outdoor adventure. Here’s a way of doing it on the cheap!

Australia has some of the darkest night skies in the world and is the envy of astronomers the world over. Not coincidentally, Aboriginal Australians are even credited with being the world’s first astronomers and have been using the stars and planets to tell seasons and explain natural phenomena like tides and eclipses for thousands of years.

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A starmap, telescope manual, all your eyepieces plus an Aussie Astronomy Video to watch all included!

One of the things I love the most about stargazing are the types of conversations that it sparks. It’s hard to look at the distant galaxies above without stirring up thoughts on the meaning of life and philosophies about our very existence.

So, heading off on a holiday… or just poking around the backyard.  Don’t BUY a  telescope – USE OURS! We are the ONLY Private Telescope Hire group in Australia.

Based on the Mid North Coast NSW (Wauchope) – If you’re holidaying here book ahead and pick up your scope on arrival. IF you live here book NOW!

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*Includes: Telescope, Tripod, Lens Kit, Star Map, Manual, Moon Filter, ‘Astronomy’ DVD, FREE Science Magazine to Keep PLUS Full Instruction On Use Of Telescope *BONUS: Easy to Follow ‘Getting Started’ info Sheets!


Several Models to Choose from – Kids to Adults

    $50 Refundable bond. ID required. Booking/Enquiries: davereneke@gmail.com Phone: 0400 636 363

Telescope Pickup/Return: Rent-A-Scope 9 Fairmont Drive. Wauchope NSW 2446

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