Exciting Ways to Host a Successful Star Party

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When is the last time your kids had fun outside aside from camping?  A star party is an exciting way to get your kids to learn more about astronomy as well as interact with other kids while at it.

While you may spend some minutes gazing at stars in a cool evening, nothing beats the feeling of taking a minute to soak in the view.  Also, your kids get to enjoy every detail visible rather than seeing an image in a Geography book.  Remember you don’t want to be boring or sound like a teacher. Keep it short and fun.  Here are some tips on how to host a star party that your kids will love.

Choose a Good Site

Pick a site that offers a better view of the sky. The area should be free from tall buildings and obstructions like trees. Outdoor lighting is something else that might affect your stargazing experience.  You might need to find a shadowed location to see the stars if you reside in an urban area.

The International Dark Sky Association has information on how to reduce extra nighttime lighting in your backyard.  You can have the kids, and their friends get to the site before it gets dark. This will make it easier for them to see star clusters, the moon, and passage of artificial satellites. If you’re lucky, your team could see a comet or a meteor shower.

Pick a Theme for Your Star Party

You need to plan your event based on a theme.  It also needs to have a variety of learning activities based on the theme chosen.  Some of the ideas that you could work around include exploring the night sky, night with the stars, astro science night, or fun and learning the night sky.

Working around a theme will make the event successful. Don’t forget the date. A night around the new moon works well for star gazing. Have a backup date in case clouds appear at your scheduled date.   Make sure to have some snacks and refreshments. You can make the snacks into the shape of stars.

Get the Tools

Once you’ve known how many kids to expect, the next step is getting enough telescopes and binoculars. You can get some from friends or a local astronomy club. This will make the experience fun for the kids.

Incorporate Extra Activities

Let be honest, kids’ attention span is short. While they may find the idea of watching the stars and meteorites exciting, it’s good to have some activities that will grab their interest. These could include stories about the origin of constellations or craft activities that involve creating constellations with black paper and star stickers.

Hosting a star party with kids is fun, but a lot of work too. Get some help from a local astronomy club and use the above tips to make the experience smooth and exciting.

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