Eyes In The Sky Will Attract Tourists To Tamworth

The educational potential of the proposed Tamworth facility is boundless.

The announcement of $1.8 million in funding for a Regional Astronomy and Science Centre is welcome for a stack of good reasons. Some of the darkest skies are in the New England Region.

A Regional Astronomy and Science Centre will add another arrow to Tamworth’s already impressive quiver. This centre will put Tamworth on the map as a must-see destination attracting thousands of ‘astro-tourists’ looking to the skies for their next adventure.

People travel to the Scandinavian countries to see the Northern Lights, Peru to walk the Inca trails and Spain for its famed pilgrimages. Now enthusiasts can travel the stellar route to Tamworth to see and learn about the incredible astronomical sites in regional NSW on the 700 kilometre Inland Astro-Trail.

The educational potential of the proposed Tamworth facility is boundless. The $1.8 million grant will help fund a new observatory with a roll-off roof to house large telescopes, a second observatory also with a roll-off roof, to house a historic telescope, a planetarium and an education space for hands-on science programs.

Tilt your head to take in the dazzling sights in the skies above

When people visit our regional towns they stay in local accommodation, they buy from local shops, they visit local cafes and eateries and enjoy local tourist attractions.

A shining example of the impact of destination tourism was evident earlier this week with the concert presented by US Country Music stars Kip Moore and Lee Brice at the TRECC. About 4,000 people were at the concert and on Tuesday morning cafes on Peel Street seemed to be chocka-block as visitors enjoyed a beautiful breakfast.

Tourism in regional NSW contributes more than $12 billion in total overnight expenditure to the NSW economy, regional environment and tourism assets must be supported and protected.

Tamworth and the region will continue to benefit as organisations like the Tamworth Astronomy Club work hard in presenting successful funding submissions like the one announced yesterday. I assure you I will continue to work hard to deliver more good news as opportunities for regional communities continue to progress. Source:  The Northern Daily Leader

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