Get Ready For Earth Hour

23 March 2013 @ 8.30pm

If there’s any such thing as a global holiday it should be Earth Hour.  Earth Hour is one day each year where governments, businesses, and individuals turn off their lights for one hour.

The day is the last Saturday of March and this year it’s March 23, 2013.  The date is picked so that it is close to the equinox so that as much of the Earth is in darkness as possible as the planet turns.  The aim of Earth Hour is to raise awareness about global climate change and to send  a message to governments of cities and countries across the world.

Earth Hour began back in 2008 in Sydney, Australia when over 200,000 people turned off their lights for one hour.  The entire city was behind the project and it was a great success.  From the Australian War Memorial to Parliament House to Perth Concert Hall to the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Earth Hour 09 Video with Flagship Cities

More than 2 million individuals and 2,000 businesses in Sydney took part in this first year. Many Sydney icons also switched off for the hour including the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House sails and the Luna Park face. The Coca-Cola sign at Kings Cross was switched off intentionally for the first time since the 1970s.

The following year all of Australia participated and Toronto, Canada also joined.  Since then, Earth Hour has spread to over 52,000 towns and cities in 135 countries!  This year we hope to have the largest participation yet!  The date is 3/31/12 and the time is 8:30pm.

While I’m all for saving energy and the environment and all that I’m also intrigued by the other effects of Earth Hour:  the skies.  Imagine if you will, if everyone in your city turned off their lights and all the buildings went dark for one hour; how dark would the sky be and how much more of the night sky you would be able to see?  Especially in a heavily light polluted state like Maryland, the difference could be dramatic if a large number of people and businesses participate!

 On Saturday, March 23 at 8:30pm millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour, Earth Hour to join the largest call to action on climate change in history. Through every flick of the light switch you are voting for our elected officials to take immediate and lasting action on the climate crisis.


If you’re an astronomer, or if you support Earth Hour in general, PLEASE, PLEASE spread the word!  Use Facebook, Twitter, your blog, your friend’s blogs, whatever outlet you have to spread the word please do so!  Together we can unite the world for one hour to preserve what has been given to us and to appreciate the beauty of the heavens.  For more information on Earth Hour please check out their website at www.earthhour.org.

Gilly Dee says:

Every human being should participate at this very important hour. Let`s switch off the power and save our very precious and beautiful Earth!

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