Great Astronomy Products For Wheelchair Users

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Backyard wheelchair astronomy is now a possibility. Cr Karmen Health care

Astronomy is accessible to everybody, which is why there are  20 amateur astronomers for every professional. The science of the cosmos is unendingly fascinating to young and old, and of course our universe is ever expanding.

You can’t help but want to know more when you look up into the sky. If you are a wheelchair user, there are plenty of great products for you, to help you get an amazing view of the stars and beyond.

Top tabletop telescopes

When you are purchasing a tabletop telescope, look for one that has a Dobsonian-style mount. These are easier to place on wheelchair trays. The Celestron Cosmic Firstmount is a good option, and can easily pick up the beautiful details of the Orion Nebula.

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A spotting scope on a stand is another alternative

If you want a set up with tracking, Skywatcher’s Virtuoso is a handy piece of kit. It has a motorized altazimuth mount that easily tracks the path of celestial objects – plus you can also use it for photography, attaching a DSLR camera.

Astronomy binoculars

Going outside for your stargazing is important for accuracy and view when using binoculars, but be sure to use wheelchair accessible paths when out and about. If you are a wheelchair user, the manoeuvrability of your binoculars is paramount however, so don’t go for the largest pair on the market. You don’t have to compromise on quality though.

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A standard 50mm set is more than adequate to scope the night sky, with the added advantage that you don’t need a tripod. The Cometron 7×50 are a solid option, or the Celestron Skymaster DX range, offer great magnified viewing. Many binoculars will link up with smartphone apps too, helping you to navigate the skies easier, and identify the constellations.

Wheelchair-friendly astro-photography setup

Celestron Starsense

Celestron Starsense

If you are setting up for astrophotography, you will need a computerized telescope, preferably with Wifi, such as the NexStar Evolution. It is a good idea to invest in an automatic alignment accessory for your camera attachment. The Celestron Starsense model can autoalign in a few minutes, without the need for any further input.

Make sure that you are using a dedicated planetary imaging camera, like the NexImage Burst, to help you get the best images of the night sky possible. Finally, a wheeled tripod stand means that you have the perfect setup, that is easy to move. Vincent Van Gogh said “I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream.” The universe is for everyone to behold and wonder about, and the right equipment makes it so easy.

Article supplied by our US correspondent: Sally Perkins

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