Green Laser Pointer Plus FREE Space DVD Offer

WOW…What an offer! If you’ve ever wanted one of these but didn’t want to pay an exorbitant price your luck has changed – I have personally been evaluating these over the last 4 weeks and more than happy with the results.

The laser pen emits a brilliant bright green laser that has a defined line (not just a dot like you get with the red) extending far into the night sky and ideal for pointing out a star, constellation or naked neighbour…They perform as well, and under really dark skies, better, than the $100 units I’ve used as an astronomy instructor. We are offering these units as long as supply remains available PLUS with each order you will receive completely FREE a modern DVD called ‘The UNIVERSE’

Guaranteed Reliability. Free return and Guaranteed Faulty Replacement.

These lasers are capable of producing a brilliant beam of visible green light as far as the eye can see, and beyond. The product is quite powerful – really capable of solid laser power and for maximum results it is advisable to use two AAA Alkaline batteries. These Laser Pointers are  popular among amateur and professional astronomers alike. They can be used to quickly align a telescope to a constellation or planet when mounted to a telescope.

*Authorities understand that people use these standard model laser pointers for legitimate purposes. Laser pointers like these are LEGAL to sell and OWN and will continue to be available for such uses. These laser pointers are great for  hobbies such as astronomy!

Rest assured that if you have a reasonable excuse for using your laser and you use it properly, then there will not be a problem. Note: When installing batteries place them upside down with the flat base facing upwards.

Plus FREE ‘Universe News’ DVD

Universe News was $19.95 now FREE with each purchase!

A series of video programs from Hubble and ESA featuring exciting news about the Cosmos.

Also features the following two BONUS programs with background music only:

A/ The Best Of Hubble ( a selection of the best Hubble Telescope images

B/ The Outback Sky (time lapse footage and images of our Southern Skies

NOBODY else can make you this offer

Here’s what’s on the DVD.

1. Stars (introduction)

2. Star Birth (Nebulae)

3. Star Death

4.. Star Clusters

5. Exoplanets

6. Galaxies

7. Galaxy Clusters

8 . The Cosmos

9. The Night Sky

128 minutes total Extras: Best of Hubble and Outback Sky  (with music only)    $24.95 plus post.


We are experiencing HEAVY demand for this product – It sold out within 24 hrs. New stock has been ordered so please allow around 2 weeks for delivery. Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience (Ed.)


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