Hey…Wanna Piece Of Space History?



Lot 108: GT-4 1960 Ed White’s NASA Distinguished Service Medal & Certificate | Starting Bid $7,000

Invaluable, the world’s premier on-line auction marketplace are having a huge sale of memorabilia,and some cool space stuff is included! For any space buffs like me this is a must see auction.

Invaluable (formerly Artfact) is the world’s largest online auction marketplace of fine and decorative arts, antiques, collectibles, and estate sales. Across all three of their properties, invaluable.com, invaluable.co.uk, and auctionzip.com, more than 30 million bidders per year arrive in the virtual salerooms of the world’s premier auction houses.

On June 3rd, we’ll be collaborating with Regency-Superior Auctioneers to host an auction off 860 lots such as early aviation and space memorabilia including everything from early test programs to Shuttle missions including the Russian space program. Artifacts, medals, medallions, autographed photos, uniforms, models, patches and flags are available for bidding.


Lot 80: 1960s Mercury 7 Signed Page | Starting Bid $1,500 | Incredibly rare commemorative ‘Project Mercury’ page with 7 signatures

The auction house will also feature a variety of jewellery, decorative arts, antiques, collectibles, and even entire estate sales! Do not be late…or miss this! Here are some of the noteworthy lots from the June 3rd “Space, Autographs & Collectibles Auction”. Pictures of the following are included.


Lot 109: GT-5 1965 Complete Flown Re-Entry Check List, Annotated by Both, Signed by Cooper | Starting Bid: $20,000

Collectors have unprecedented access to the items they are most passionate about. Invaluable’s live online bidding platform allows collectors to bid in real-time on auctions held around the world.

Bidders can search and buy from over 160,000 auctions annually with a combined value of over $25 billion. Invaluable’s best in class price database includes more than 57 million complete auction results totalling more than $204 billion in value, including information on more than 500,000 international artists.  Source: Invaluable      See the large Collectables Page  

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