Incredible Picture – Martian Ice Found!

Water on Mars is still an ongoing subject of deep interest, we have proof of existence of plenty of water ice adorning the Red Planet – and it looks astonishing, as new photos from the European Space Agency’s Mars Express prove.

The Mars orbiter has captured a surprising view of a Korolev crater, an 81.4-kilometre (50.6-mile) diameter. Korolev crater is located just south of the Olympia Undae dunes.

A topographic map of Korolev crater. (ESA/DLR/FU Berlin, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO)

Korolev crater was named for Soviet rocket engineer Sergei Korolev. ESA has confirmed that sitting in the Korolev crater is, in fact, a thick block of water ice. Source: Physics/Astronomy


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