Introducing The Meade LX600-ACF Telescope 

Are you interested in the new telescope in town? The Meade LX600 series is a simple to operate, portable package that makes taking great astrophotos as easy as focusing your camera and opening the shutter.

The collection of features and technology integrated into the LX600 is unavailable from any other manufacturer and cannot be duplicated by just attaching a set of add-ons to another scope. They’re available in apertures ranging from 10″ to 16″ – along with a variety of features such as an optional pier or wedge. What makes the new Meade LX600 series unique? Read on…

Starlock: The LX600 integrates a unique star tracking and object finding system into the telescope mount. This integration allows the telescope to center your target perfectly in the field of view. Once centered, the star tracking system communicates directly with the motor drives to automatically assure your scope stays locked onto its target with arcsecond precision. The automated optical tracking system delivers long-exposure guiding with pinpoint stars on astroimages despite misalignments, atmospheric refraction, periodic or other mechanical errors. This level of precision is unobtainable with systems using high precision encoders, software pointing models, large gears or PEC training – and all without the need of an external computer.

New f/8 Advanced Coma-Free Optical System: Meade has completely redesigned the OTAs with a new mirror mounting and focusing system to achieve zero image-shift and a two-speed microfocuser. The scope features faster f/8 ACF optics giving you pinpoint stars all the way across the field of view.

Internal Crayford-style 7:1 Focuser: The completely redesigned mirror mounting system achieves zero-image shift, eliminating the need for a mirror lock and integrates a two-speed microfocuser for quick and easy adjustments.

Solid Fork Mount With Heavy Duty 5.75″ Gears: Large, high-quality worm-gear drives in both axes provide smooth movements with low periodic error that are critical for long exposure astrophotography. Providing the freedom to go horizon to horizon without any meridian flip, unlike German Equatorial Mounts.

Alt/Az Mode: In alt/az mode, the LX600 also makes for the best visual and short exposure experience possible. The LX600 performs LightSwitch® fully-automated self alignment. StarLock will put every target dead center in the eyepiece and track with arcsecond accuracy so you can concentrate on the beautiful, wide fields of pinpoint stars created by the superb f/8 ACF optical system.

Autostar II Controller: Puts over 145,000 objects at your fingertips with the fastest GoTo performance available (8° per second). Or you can control the system from an external computer.

Giant Field Tripod: With 3″ diameter chromed steel legs and cast aluminum tripod head – adjustable from 34″ to 54″ – the Giant Field Tripod provides a research-grade foundation for the LX600.

Optional f/5 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener: The optional focal reducer, custom designed for the 10, 12 and 14 inch OTAs, makes your scope a full-frame, flat-field f/5 optical system at a fraction of the cost of an OTA only from other manufacturers.

Optional New X-Wedge: Precision CNC-machined from ultra-ridged, aircraft-grade aluminum with smooth, accurate altitude and azimuth adjustments. Thirty percent more stable than competing equatorial wedges, the X-Wedge is the essential accessory for long exposure astroimaging.

Portability: While you can achieve remarkable visual and imaging results from a suburban backyard, the ease of transporting an LX600 to a remote site will make you anxious to see what you can achieve under truly dark sky condition.

But that’s not all the Meade LX600-ACF series has to offer. The huge, observatory class 16″ comes with special options and features not available in the smaller sizes.

Filtered Cooling Fan: To keep your telescope in thermal equilibrium the optical tube is equipped with a cooling fan as well as a filtered exhaust vent.

Professional-Grade Fork Mount With 11″ Gears: The massive 16″ LX600 fork system, cast in one continuous piece from one declination housing to the other, includes a total of four 80mm roller bearings in declination (two in each housing) and two roller bearings in right ascension (one each of 100mm and 150mm bearings in the RA housing). Usage of these precision roller bearings in the telescope’s design permits the addition of substantial auxiliary equipment without the risk of strain on the mount. Large DC-servo motor-driven 11″ worm gears on both axes yield smooth, precision tracking and slewing required of a professional telescope.

Optional MAX Wedge: The MAX Wedge was designed using advanced CAD analysis to assure both ease of adjustment and rock solid stability using modern light weight alloys. Attractively finished, all standard field installation and adjustments on the MAX Wedge can be performed with the included tools or using large, easily accessible ergonomic handles and knobs.

These monster telescopes are also offered with your choice of the MAX tripod, AZ pier or EQ pier. No matter what size or style you choose, the new Meade LX600 series is sure to impress you!

Dan Duffy says:

The write-up on this scope is very impressive.
Can you tell me when it will be available inbAustralia?

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