iTelescope Grand Opening

Last month, iTelescope.Net held the Grand Opening of our new Southern Observatory Site at Siding Spring Observatory, bringing the southern skies back to our members and public.

A few short weeks later, however, a large and dangerous bush fire burned it’s way through Siding Spring destroying homes and possessions of those that work at Siding Spring and brought our systems offline for an extended amount of time.

While our observatory was undamaged, we took a few weeks to recover and bring the systems back online. Soon after we did, nature struck again. A tropical cyclone rolled through most of Eastern Australia leading to floods through fire damaged lands. Debris from fallen trees and landslides were washed unto the roads, forcing our observatory closed once more.

We are happy to announce now, however, that we are back on site, and would like to hold the Grand Reopening of iTelescope: Siding Spring.

As part of this grand reopening, we wanted to take a few moments to tell you all about the telescope systems at the site, show you around the Siding Spring Observatory, extend our Grand Opening Promotion and show you a glimpse of the future of iTelescope.Net. So without further delay, we present the Telescopes of iTelescope.Net’s Southern Hemisphere Observatory!

Grand Reopening Celebration!

As part of the Grand Reopening of our Siding Spring Observatory Site, we wanted to celebrate with you, our customers! To that end, we are going to extend the Grand Opening Promotion from today until February 28, 2013. If you upgrade your account by February 28, 2013 and follow the instructions below, we will double your first months points!.

In order to take part, first log in to the Launchpad, then click the View Plans buttons shown here:


Next, you will see this screen. Enter SSOGO into the Promo Code area circled in red on the image below. With this promotion, you will receive double your first months points in addition to the plans normal monthly points. (EX: If you upgrade to Plan-90, you will receive 90 points for upgrading plus an additional 90 points for the promotion for a total of 180 points the first month. Every month after would be 90 points)

We hope you will take advantage of this promotion by February 28, 2013!. Join us in celebrating the Grand Reopening of our Siding Spring Observatory Site!


The Member’s Club is a brand new Facebook Group run by members, for members. If you were ever looking to get the most up to date information on NEOs, Comets, and amazing targets in the night sky. If you ever wanted to ask a question about your data or your processing techniques. If you ever wanted to look for a 2nd opinion on your images, or look for a partner in that upcoming project. Then The Member’s Club is the place for you.

Facebook Groups bring together a large group of people with similar interests and gives them a page to post images, links, polls, or just ask general questions. Anyone who becomes a Member of the the Group can invite anyone else into the group, allowing you to bring all of your friends and colleagues into the Club without administrative support.

Since we have introduced The Member’s Club, many of our members have already joined in and are assisting in sharing information, images, answering tough questions, and giving advice. The best part is, it is easy to join. If you already have a Facebook account, just go to our Member’s Club Group Page and click the “Join Group” Link as pictured to the left. iTelescope.Net Administrators will then approve your access and your free to begin posting or inviting other members right away.

If you do not yet have a Facebook account. Head to the Facebook homepage and click the “Sign Up” link after entering the requested information on the front page. After verifying your Facebook account via email and logging in, you can then click this link and follow the instructions above.

You can also follow the iTelescope.Net Facebook Page or our Twitter Account for the most up to date information!


Member Showcase: Pick Your Target Contest

Last month, we asked you to start imaging and post those images on Facebookand you responded! The below images were the winners of the Contest as voted by you on Facebook!

This month we are showcasing three of our previous Member Showcase winners with three amazing images! The top price of 100 points goes to Nicole Mortillaro this month with her amazing Messier 78. Noboru Yamamoto captures the second spot with his Messier 106 earning 75 points. Roger Rao has captured the third spot this month with his Tarantula Nebula in the Southern Skies earning 50 points. Congratulations to our winners!

Nicole Mortillaro took this stunning image of Messier 78 in Orion using T16 in Spain. It consists or 2x600s Luminance, 3x300s RGB, and 2x600s RGB stacked with CCDStack and processed with Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom 3. The color balance Nicole managed in this image is absolutely amazing!

This is another fantastic image from Noboru Yamammoto. His Messier 106 was captured on T11 with 20x300s (1×1) Luminance and 5x300x (2×2) RGB. It was stacked and processed using MaxIm, CCDStack, PixInsight, and Photoshop CS5. Another beautiful image from Noboru!

This gorgeous image of the Tarantula Nebula (NGC2070) sees the return of Roger Rao to the Member Showcase. This is the first showcase image captured on one of the new telescopes at iTelescope: Siding Spring. It was taken on T30 with 6x300s Luminance and 2x300s RGB. It was processed using (NEED INFO). Amazing Image!

If you would like to see more of our Member Showcase winners, please take a look at our Member Showcase Image Gallery!

Next Month’s Showcase: Pick Your Target Contest

With our Siding Spring Observatory Site reopened, it is time to reintroduce you to the Southern Skies! This month we would like to see your Southern Sky images (although we will accept any for the contest) As always, you, our members, will pick the winner each month! To take part in the contest, all you need to do is post your image on our Facebook page or join the iTelescope.Net Group on Facebook, and post there.(please include which telescope, the number of exposures, filter used during exposures, how long each exposure lasted and the tools used to process the image). The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2013.
NASA APOD Winner – Keyhole Nebula in Mapped Color by Brad Moore on T8
Then you, our members, will vote on each Astrophotographic or Scientific image by clicking “Like” on Facebook. On the 1st of March, we will add up who has the most “Likes” for images posted between February 1st and February 28th and they will be our winners. First place (most “likes”) will win 100 points on iTelescope.Net. If there are any ties, iTelescope.Net will break the tie. A backup will be chosen if the winner does not claim their prize when notified by email from aron@itelescope.net.
NASA APOD Winner – Tarantula Nebula by Brad Moore on T8
To point you in the right direction we would like to suggest some fine literature that details some of the targets of the Southern Skies:

Treasures of the Southern Sky by Robert Gendler, Lars Lindberg Christensen, and David Malin
AstronomyOnline.org Southern Skies
Deep-Sky Companions: Southern Gems by Stephen James O’Meara is due out in late February

Good luck and dark skies! iT Team

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