Jupiter Believed To Have Destroyed Early Solar System

Jupiter believed to have destroyed v1.0 of our solar system

You know something, Jupiter is huge. Like, really big. Turns out, it might be a bully too, something out of The Matrix! Two scientists now believe Jupiter actually destroyed version one of our solar system.

Giving in to the Sun’s pull, Jupiter is believed to have come in and just obliterated other planets in our earlier solar system. The scientists point to strange quirks within our solar system as reason for their belief Jupiter was a cue-ball for an earlier version of our planetary scheme, and it makes quite a bit of sense!

After being yanked in by the Sun’s delightfully warm embrace, Jupiter threw things out of whack. Rather than have a few planets a touch larger than Earth, which is apparently normal for solar systems, Jupiter pulled in the lion’s share of space rock, causing a disproportionate size scheme in our array of planets.


When Jupiter was orbiting closer to the sun, it’s track is believed to have knocked smaller planets into the Sun, causing new planets to form in their wake. According to scientists, the youth of planets closer to the sun and disproportionate size (planets closer to the sun are often larger) of the closer planets indicates as much. Our thin atmospheres also lend credence to the theory.

This theory piggybacks on another called ‘Grand Track’, which assumes Saturn’s formation actually saved Jupiter from orbiting much closer to the sun. Saturn, who is now the hero of our tale, pulled Jupiter away from the Sun, letting light shine on what is now Earth, and giving us life. Thanks, Saturn!


Scientists point to the fact that there is a big gap between Mercury and the Sun as reason to believe Jupiter tossed things out of whack and destroyed planets. This theory also suggests Mars should be larger than it is, but Jupiter’s entry into our dance around the sun — and subsequent space-rock greediness — caused it to stop expanding as much.

Can’t blame Jupiter for loving the Sun. Similarly, we should all praise Saturn for evening things out. Good thing we put a ring on it. Source: Slash Gear

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