Man Lives Inside A UFO

Chattanooga, Tennessee is the location of one of the most bizarre abodes we have ever seen; the UFO house has, among others things, a single entry point via a button activated stair case.

It’s also got a  curved bar area and customized bathtub, as well as various UFO panelled controls throughout that are simply priceless, or so you would think. Ray Grimwold is tired of it though and wants to live like ordinary earhlings.

The house was originally put together in the 1970s, and as such, many of the fittings now have a retro feeling, but that just adds to the charm. The space dwelling is now up for sale, and it is to go under the hammer soon.

Video of the house for sale in Chattanooga, Tennessee

 Oh boy, it’s back to our slimy, grimy, shoe box of an office until another UFO house comes on the market. We’re optimistic. Unfortunately, the 2000 sq ft extra terrestrial base station, with three floors, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and scenic view has already attracted a $100,000 bid, which plants it about $99,999 out of my budget. Source: Gizmodo

Colonizing Space – ’70s Style!

Ah, sweet, sweet naivety. In this reto-tastic NASA video about space colonization, the narrator waxes optimistically about building a 10,000-person space colony before the year 2000. Hey, at least we got the ISS, right?  The Apollo missions were completed and the Space Shuttle program was underway. How soon before cheap and frequent flights to space would allow the construction of O’Neal colonies and mining camps on the Moon? This visionary approach calls for tiered greenhouses in space and unlimited solar power beamed back to Earth… all before the year 2000!  Source: NASA Archives

Reader Response

Futuro House – Home of the Future

 Darwin, Austraila

Here’s a Futuro that was in Darwin, Australia. Derek took this photo in August 1974. On December 24th 1974, Darwin was almost totally destroyed by Cyclone Tracy. He doesn’t know what happened to the house, but it was most likely destroyed in the storm. Does anyone else have further information on this particular Futuro?  Photo credit: Derek W.




 The Futuro after Cyclone Tracy, Darwin. Photos from: National Archives of Australia.Related articles

Dave says:

Many thanks Derek. I added these to the story.

Derek says:

The flying saucer house is not unique to the US.  There was one in Darwin until it was "launched" by Cyclone Tracy in 1974.  The Aussie one was called the Futuro and they were found in many places, including Antarctica.
Here is a link to a photo of the Darwin one that I took in 1974:-

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