Londoners See A Cab ‘Hit’ By A Meteorite.

What stunned passers by saw

Londoners awoke this morning to news of a meteorite which struck a taxi in the heart of the city’s busy shopping district Covent Garden. Witnesses were left stunned by what they saw.

It looked like a scene straight out of a science fiction film. An incident team arrived almost immediately to cordon off the meteorite and keep the public at a safe distance. No one was injured as a result of the incident, but it’s a cosmic harbinger of things to come…  Of course, the “things to come” turn out to be 4 weeks of science programs on Eden TV’s Science Month, which starts up in July.

The incident was in fact a well-orchestrated publicity stunt by the UK’s Eden TV (Sky 532 Virgin 208). Science Month will run all day every day during the month of July. Highlights in the first week include Wonders of the Universe (Monday 2 July at 9pm), Finding Life Beyond Earth (Monday 2 July at 10pm), The Code (Wednesday 4 July at 10pm) and Deadliest Volcano (Thursday 5 July at 7pm).

Sure, after all’s said and done it was a PR stunt. But it was a coolPR stunt (even if not quite scientifically accurate!) Come on, we all know that meteorites aren’t steaming hot when they land. Source: Universe Today
Peter says:

What a great awakening to the Londoners. Of course it could never happen here in Aussie, you can hardly find a cab, especially one with a metorite on the roof. I will keep looking though. Great publicity .

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