NASA Predicts 5 Asteroids To Fly Close To Earth This Year


An artist’s illustration of an asteroid. (Inquirer.net/File)

NASA continues to be Earth’s “safety net” against threats from beyond outer space. Through its famed asteroid detection site, NASA announced the possibility of five asteroids set to make close encounter to earth this year.

According to reports from the United Kingdom-based newspaper The Sun, some of these asteroids may come as close as 0.15 lunar distances to Earth—enough to warrant concern from the government body.

The nearest encounter is expected to occur on July 23, when a 300 feet in diameter space rock called “2017 BS5” is expected to come within 3.15 lunar distances (752,937 miles) of Earth, the report said. The biggest and possibly the most threatening risk, meanwhile,  is an 88-foot asteroid dubbed “2012 TC4”, which is projected to blow past at 0.15 lunar distances on October 12.

Currently, NASA has employed a team of astrophysicists to regularly monitor the problematic space rocks. Still, NASA reminded everyone to remain calm, as there is still no guarantee that the asteroids will indeed collide with Earth. Source: The Jakarta Post

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