New Segment – Random Space Fact

What would your voice sound like on Mars? How many stars do you think are in the known universe? These are the kinds of questions Dr. Bruce Betts answers in this new Random Space Fact video series.

Did you know that modern space suits all come equipped with a strip of velcro inside the helmet so astronauts can scratch their nose if the need arises? That is just one of the many strange (yet true) random facts about space we’ve got for you. Continue reading to see them all.

Starting today, we will be releasing a Random Space Fact video each week courtesy of The Planetary Society, giving you facts that are sure to impress friends at weekend gatherings. Here’s a few to keep you interested.

* Just check each week for a new additions. New episodes of Random Space Fact will be released each Friday on The Planetary Society’s YouTube page, so remember to subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/user/planetarysociety

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