Northern Lights Tour 2019 – Do You Want To Go?

Recently on Facebook a suggestion was made that a visit to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) would be on a lot of people’s bucket lists – well, it certainly was on mine!

I’m arranging a group tour at the end of 2019 to see The Aurora…and you’re invited to join in.


We have quite a few interested Facebook friends (22 so far) but NOW is the time to consolidate the list and make some definite arrangements. When our numbers are definite a pricing will be announced… BUT it will not be excessive!

The place will be the CANADA/ALASKA region (morte likely Alaska) and the date around Oct/Nov 2019. This will be a once in a lifetime experience! NOTE: This will be a very cold climate so take that into consideration OK.

I have been working in the background along with Daniel from the US based Tropical Sails Travel Company to set an agenda, time and place. He has sourced a few Canadian/Alaskan companies who specialize specifically in Northern Lights Tours.

We are considering several options. The idea of a group buy here with us is to keep the prices down. I do not have pricing yet because we need SPECIFIC commitment with SPECIFIC number… that’s what this bulletin is all about.

*IF you are keen to go I invite you to forward your name, the number of intended travellers and your email list. A regular update bulletin will be sent to you leading up to the tour. Your email address WILL be protected! You are under NO OBLIGATION and can pull out anytime up until the time of paying for your fare.

Email me: davereneke@gmail.com

IF you do NOT want to come on this tour or you are NOT SURE…. PLEASE do not reply.

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