Pssst! Wanna Buy Land On The Moon?

Uninterrupted views, no planning permission required. But bring your own air - and a rocket;

Uninterrupted views, no planning permission required. But bring your own air – and a rocket;

Looking for that last minute gift idea? Something different for the person who has everything? What about the gift of space? It’s the latest fad and its appeal has been out of this world!

Extraterrestrial real estate is land on other planets or moons and asteroids that is sold either through organizations or by individuals. Yep, it’s true! You can now become a lunar land owner by purchasing one acre of land on the Moon. The ‘Lunar Embassy’ run by Dennis Hope has been selling lunar acreage since 1980, and doing it legally.

Over 250 very well known celebrities, more than 30 past and present members of NASA, two former US Presidents and millions of everyday people from around the world are lunar land owners. He’s reportedly made $8 million from the venture. True!

What greater gift can you think of than giving someone an acre of the Moon? It’s an excellent idea and a great conversation starter.  How much? Glad you asked. One acre complete with Land Deed, Map and Bill of Rights will set you back a mere $29.95 on the internet – as long as you use a credit card of course!

Fancy a piece of Mars instead? No problem, rock on over to buyplanetmars.com and pick out your own lot number. This online company provides the opportunity to get in before the rush and own Martian Land. Again, it’s legal as there is no law against private individuals owning celestial real estate, only countries, large corporations and government consortia are prohibited.

Following an online registration, customers buy the Martian land and receive their lot number and a map of Mars with their plot indicated. A certificate officially confirming the deal comes with the sale as well as your ‘Journey to Mars Boarding Pass’ for the future when you can travel there in spaceships to inspect your property. Oh I forgot the cost on this one, it’s just £10.

The offer they say is limited to one lot per person. Bookings are required online at www.buyplanetmars.com.  If you want to be excused from the room right now I’ll understand.

Dennis with his map of the moon. The red markings are the areas he’s already sold. Who’s buying this land?

OK, this one you’ll need to be selective about. It could backfire but, what about the gift of a Space Burial? We’re talking about the launching of cremated remains into outer space being offered by a few companies like Celestis and Elysium Space sales. I believe sales have been taking off like a rocket! Sorry.

Yours, or your loved ones ashes, are sealed inside lipstick sized containers inside the spacecraft until it reaches orbit then burns up upon re-entry or, if you pay a little bit more, till it reaches the Moon or escapes the solar system completely! This service starts around the $1200 mark with the deep space option for $12,500.

Only this week, the first privately owned space travel service via XCOR Space Expeditions has been offered by a UK holiday booking website.  Available now, flight prices vary depending on the selected travel date with prices of £80,000 being quoted.

Accompanied only by one other person, the pilot, the one hour voyage takes each passenger about 100 kilometers above Earth, breaking the sound barrier within a minute from take-off, and enjoying six minutes in space, with 360-views of planet Earth before a 40 minute glide back to Earth.

Upon returning from the flight, each passenger will be awarded their official astronaut wings. Space travel has seen a strong growth in interest in recent years, with several companies developing plans for commercial space flights, including Richard Branson’s long overdue Virgin Galactic.

Oh, I almost forgot. For something a bit more ‘down to earth’ there’s always a nice meteorite ring for him or meteorite dust pendant for her if you favour space jewellery. Go look them up with a Google search.   Written by: Dave Reneke

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