Ryan Gosling to Play Neil Armstrong in ‘First Man’ Biopic

Ryan Gosling and ‘La La Land’ director Damien Chazelle will reunite for a new Neil Armstrong biopic, ‘First Man.’ Ian Gavan/Getty, Pool NASA/Reflex/Gamma-Keystone/Getty

Ryan Gosling will portray Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, in a new biopic helmed by La La Land and Whiplash director Damien Chazelle, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Inside the story of how director Damien Chazelle and two movie stars attempted to modernize the genre – and made the movie of the year. Josh Singer – who earned an Oscar for his Spotlight screenplay – wrote First Man based on James Hansen’s biography, First Man: A Life of Neil A. Armstrong.

Gosling has reportedly been tied to the project since late last year, but only inked a deal to star in the film this month. After serving as a Navy pilot in World War II, Armstrong joined the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, the precursor to NASA, as a test pilot and engineer.

His first mission as an astronaut was Gemini 8 in 1962, during which he performed the first successful docking of two vehicles in space. On July 21st, 1969 he became the first person to walk on the moon as part of Apollo 11.

While First Man will center around Armstrong, it will reportedly also explore the nearly decade-long endeavor to put a man on the moon, and the cost and sacrifice required by both Armstrong and the country to make Apollo 11 a success. Source:  Rolling Stone

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