Hunt for Moon Meteorites with Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden

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Join our Saharan expedition searching for Moon meteorites with one of only 24 men who has been to the Moon! And you keep what you find! Steve Arnold star of Meteorite Men TV series is on the move!

About this project

Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden and Steve Arnold, host of the TV series Meteorite Men are heading to the Sahara to hunt for Moon (Lunar) meteorites, rocks blasted off the surface of the Moon by asteroid impacts which fell to Earth.

And YOU can come too!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime! If you join this 9 day/8 night expedition, you will get to hunt side by side with one of only 24 men who have ever gone to the Moon. Al is one of the most brilliant, energetic, funny and engaging men you will ever meet, and he is about to become your personal friend and meteorite hunting buddy! See Steve’s website NOW for more info HERE

NOTE:  There is nothing resembling an “expedition category” so we will be taking video and photos all along the way so that is how we decided to place it here in this category! You will stay at 4 star hotels to and from the Strewnfield and at the site in high walled tents that sleep two, with carpets and beds, there will be latrines and showers, even a dining tent with a cook.

We have 5 spots available on this mission’s crew manifest. Once these seats are filled, we will be “clear for lift off.” We have a real shot at finding Moon rocks. We will be traveling to an area where several Moon Meteorite pieces have been discovered in a several square mile area over the past several weeks. There should be more pieces waiting to be found.

And the best part: you get to keep whatever you find! If you can’t go with us, take a look at some of the other cool rewards we have and please share this with others that might like this project. Below are examples the $99 (and $149) Rewards, a Moon Rock piece with Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden’s Autograph encased in a protective plastic “slab.”.

Risks and challenges

Either we fund the trip or not. If we do, it’s on. The plans are made and I am going. Short of a horrible disaster, it will go on. And even then we could reschedule. See Steve’s website NOW for more info HERE

Treasure Hunt the Moon with Steve Arnold

We’re going to the Moon & YOU can come too! Join TV Star Steve Arnold of Meteorite Men in the Sahara Desert to hunt for Moon Rocks. This will be an adventure that’s ‘out of this world!’ You can see more HERE

About this project

Treasure Hunt the Moon with Steve Arnold star of Meteorite Men TV series. Hello, Steve Arnold, host of the award winning tv series Meteorite Men back with my 7th Kickstarter project. This time I am going to the Moon and I want to take a few of you with me.

Just a few days ago I successfully completed a Kickstarter project to buy a Moon Meteorite, a rock that was blasted off the moon and landed in the Sahara Desert as a moon rock. While buying a rock proven to have been blasted off the moon is cool, it doesn’t compare to having the opportunity to find one yourself.

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Meteorite Hunting Expeditions: Geoffrey Notkin & Steve Arnold Discovery Channel Meteorite Hunt

If you have seen any of my Meteorite Men TV episodes on Science Or Discovery Channels (or on YouTube) then you’ve seen me and my buddy Geoff go on expeditions all over the planet hunting for meteorites. Now you can go with me on my next one.  Details on my website HERE

So here’s the deal, I have the GPS coordinates of where my new moon meteorite was found.  This lunar meteor broke up when it came into the atmosphere and additional pieces have been found in the last few weeks in the area, so I know there have to be more waiting to be found…hopefully by you and me.

You will need to arrange your own round trip airfare to Casablanca Morocco, and for the following week all other expenses will be covered by this package via our professional tour guides. We will stay in the nicest hotels coming to and going from the Strewnfield. We have very nice high walled tents, with beds and carpet to camp out in the Sahara Desert. The tour company will set everything up and prepare our meals for us, giving us the most time possible to hunt.

Oh and the best part…

You get to keep whatever you find!!! This is a real treasure hunt adventure, just like you have seen on TV. We only need two people to join to make this happen, but we could have up to 11 plus Steve, total 12. The first person to pledge gets to immediately pick the dates of the trip (to be after November 1) then others will know if they can join and thus pledge.

For those of you who can’t make it to Sahara with me on the Moon hunt, but still want to go on an expedition in the USA with me, I’m tossing in a more economical Reward of an all day hunt with just me near Branson, Missouri at the Baxter Strewnfield.  Coordinate a date with me, show up and we will go hunt together. Come join me on an adventure of a lifetime.

Interested in meteorites?

“Authentic Steve Arnold Meteorites? http://stores.ebay.com/ArnoldMeteorites

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