Enjoy this delightful video put together by Babek Tafreshi from The World At Night showing the winners of the third International Earth and Sky Photo Contest. With the theme of ‘Dark Skies Importance,’ these are lovely landscape astrophotos.

It’s in appreciation of the night sky beauty as an essential element of our nature, importance of preserving dark skies, and public awareness on the growing threat of light pollution,” Tafreshi said.

The organizers of the contest were the TWAN group along with the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, emphasizing Global Astronomy Month (April) and the contest was part of the Dark Skies Awareness project. The 2012 contest submission period was during the month of April, and submissions were to be in the “TWAN style” of landscape astrophotography — combining elements of the night sky set in the backdrop of the Earth horizon with a notable location or landmark.

You can all the images here.  The contest is open to anyone of any age, anywhere around the world. Interested in entering this contest next year? Check out the contest info page.


 Tekapo Skies Showcase Milky Way

 The night skies over Lake Tekapo are famed for their clarity says Canterbury University astrophotographer Fraser Gunn, who shot this stunning footage of the Milky Way in April.

As part of Canterbury University’s Project Centauri, Gunn is part of a team looking for evidence at Mt John Observatory of Earth-mass planets in the habitable zone of alpha Centauri.

In a side project he shot the Milky Way footage in April, spending the entire night filming the galaxy as it moved across the sky. The film shows the Milky Way galaxy rising and passing over lake Tekapo at about 30 frames per second. One online quote sums it up,” My God that is beautiful. Makes me feel so insignificant looking at the galaxy from this point of view.”

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And Now …For A ‘Rogertoon’

From Roger Powell of the Macarthur Astronomical Society supplied us with this, his contribution to his group’s ‘Globular Cluster Marathon.  In Roger’s own words,”   This is my first astro-cartoon. Probably also my last. ”   Geez, I wouldn’t say that mate.”MORE please” is what I’m hearing so send ’em in Rog and we’ll publish them here in Astro Space News and send it our huge subscriber base in 19 countries…. not to mention the increasing number of visitors we get weekly.  It was published in this month’s MAS ‘Prime Focus’ magazine’ – the society’s newsletter.

Copyright and Credit: credit Roger Powell (Macarthur Astronomical Society)

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