Skylon: 15 Minute Pasenger Ride Into Space

An artist’s impression of the Skylon spaceplane in orbit (Picture: Reaction Engines Ltd/PA)

An artist’s impression of the Skylon spaceplane in orbit (Picture: Reaction Engines Ltd/PA)

New era of science and technology has begun because what was once considered to be impossible is now more than just possible; now it is much more convenient and easy to do.

Well! Space was considered to be an area off-limits to human race until it was achieved, but that is not where we stopped; did we? Have you thought there would come a time when aircrafts could be accelerated to five times the speed of sound, thus enabling humans to be transported to Earth’s stratosphere in just 15 minutes? Well! With the introduction of Reaction Engines we have stepped into that very era of technological advancement. Company which plans to use this technology on a unique 3,400 mph ‘spaceplane’ called Skylon.

Visit Space in Just 15 Minutes

Now space is 15 mins away from you, the “Reaction Engine’s Sabre design uses a system of pipes which are filled with helium. These pipes allow passage of air while the helium removes any heat content present and once the aircraft is well in space the engine is capable of switching to rocket mode. This implies that the aircraft can travel in orbit for around 36 hours and can also be used to launch satellites.

Features included in Skylon

Skylon is an unpiloted and reusable space plane intended to provide reliable but responsive and cost effective access to space. It’s currently in early development phase and the vehicle will be capable of transporting 15 tons of cargo into space. This technology make use of Sabre’s combined air-breathing and rocket cycles that enables a vehicle that can take off from a runway and fly direct to earth orbit and return for a runway landing just like an aircraft.


Skylon will provide aircraft-like access to space to enable operations from runway to orbit and back and order of magnitude reduction in cost vs. existing technology with 400 x improved reliability and responsive access to space.

 As Skylon is reusable unlike current single-use space launchers it can be purchased by companies and nations that want space access in a manner similar to current civil aircraft. With aircraft purchasing a vehicle will provide a much more cost effective option than trying to develop an independent launcher system.

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