Some Space Poetry From The Pen Of Mary Branford


Maria Branford specializes  in poetry that touches the soul. Te heavens are her inspiration and I’m so happy she sent these two poems in for all of us to enjoy. Well done Mary!

The Eclipse

Drawing closer together half moon, half sun

Half the earth covered, the other half left undone

Shaded eyes protected from its harmful burning glare

Instruments ready to record what the naked eye does not dare.


As slowly the time elapses

The sun and the moon mutually eclipses

What a strange sight and feeling this phenomena conjures up

The temperature drops to add even more drama to this dual cover up

A sense of eeriness prevails as day and night become one

Till the moon passes to again reveal the warmth of the sun.

This is another one on a slightly different subject but still “spaced” out, enjoy!

The Future Revealed  Written 3rd October, 1999


On a long voyage they depart

The sky above, the sea below

How does the voyager tell them apart?

How does the voyager know?


Soaring through the atmosphere

In great suspended animation

Circum-navigating the stratosphere

Joining the world as if one nation


Heroes welcome awaits on their return

All doors flung open, far and wide

From data gathered we much learn

What will be washing in on the tide


Our eyes this opened we did not wish for

To turn back the clock, it cannot be done

The tide incessantly lapping at the shore

Father time, the hour has come, and you have won!

Yours in Poetry,

Mary Maria Branford


The Ostrich From Mars

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Looks to the skies

Covered in stars

Just looks upward and sighs


So far away up there

It had lived without worry or care

Now its life seems so bare

All it can do is peck and stare


The odd bird out because it cannot fly

Just run or strut while others fly by

Can’t wipe its eyes, so can’t even cry

Yes, all it can do is just look up and sigh!

Yours in Poetry,

Mary Maria Branford

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