Star Finder Disc

Starfinder Disc

Double-sided STAR-FINDER for the Southern Hemisphere.

All you need to get the most out of observing the night sky, a star finder , which explains the best way to observe the stars and map out the patterns above you. The multitude of stars in the sky can be confusing, but this Star Finder gives you everything you need to identify the stars and constellations. Comes nicely packed in a plastic sleeve as a gift item. All bright stars are marked in yellow. On the back, for students./teachers, are features for it to be used as an 'Astrolabe' and Mini-Planetarium.

Why Pay $19.95 For This Product Elsewhere??

The large star finder is simple to use: just dial in the date and time by rotating the inner blue disc (the time) until it lines up with the relevant day of the year calibrated on the outer ring. The portion of sky shown on the star-finder will show the arrangement of the stars above you. Suitable for serious sky work, it is raved about by amateur astronomers Australia wide. Suitable for latitudes 25° to 45° South. (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina & Chile.)
$9.95 Plus Post and Packing ($4.95 (Aust. wide)

What Is A Star Disc or Planisphere?

The Star Finder is a planisphere which users can dial the date and time and see the pattern of the stars in the sky. The Star Finder was specifically designed to help beginners learn more about astronomy and help those with an interest to get more involved with the hobby. It is an instrument to assist in learning how to recognize stars and constellations. A planisphere consists of a circular star chart attached at its centre to an outside circular overlay that has a clear elliptical window or hole so that only a portion of the sky map will be visible in the window or hole area at any given time.
The chart and overlay are mounted so that they are free to rotate about a common pivot point at their The star chart contains the brightest stars, constellations and (possibly) deep-sky objects visible from a particular latitude on Earth. The night sky that one sees from the Earth depends on whether the observer is in the northern or southern hemispheres and the latitude. A planisphere window is designed for a particular latitude and will be accurate enough for a certain band either side of that. These are made specifically for Australia /NZ. A complete time cycle is marked on the rim of the overlay. A full twelve months of calendar dates are marked on the rim of the star chart. The window is marked to show the direction of the eastern and western horizons. The disc and over lay are adjusted so that the observer's local time of day on the overlay corresponds to that day's date on the star chart disc. The portion of the star chart visible in the window then represents the distribution of stars in the sky at that moment for the planisphere's designed location.

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