Amazing Fireballs Seen Around The World

A large meteor seen in the sky over the UK, near a rainbow light display. Credit: Mike Ridley. mikeridleyphotography.com

STOP PRESS. Story Added March 5. 

On the evening of March 3rd 2012 at approximately 21:40 GMT, an incredibly bright fireball/bollide was seen over the United kingdom.

Many people were outside enjoying a clear evening under the stars, or going about their ordinary business when they spotted the amazingly bright object shooting across the sky. Nearly all of the observations from the public from across much of the country described the object as a very bright fireball traveling from north to south and disappearing low in the sky.

The image above is from Mike Ridley, who said, “I was out tonight photographing the global rainbow display at Whitly Bay and saw this bright light hurtling across the sky. I quickly turned the camera to capture it as it flew overhead. With the naked eye I could see it white hot with an orange tail & really low in the sky. I thought it was a massive firework rocket.”

Most accounts give a duration of around 10 to 15 seconds and the fireball showed a bright orange nucleus with a bright green tail. There was some fragmentation as the fireball ploughed through the atmosphere.

At present, it is unknown whether any pieces of the object survived and hit Earth’s surface, but there is a high possibility that if it did, it landed in the ocean. Source: Universe Today

Huge Meteor Passing Over Whitley Bay , UK. 3 March 2012

Here in Australia we’ve been getting reports as well. From 5am this morning (Monday March 5 AEST) I’ve been fielding newspaper enquiries and doing  radio interviews about bolides being seen across oiur country. A very long duration event was widely seen over Australia and Tasmania last night. The event has been reported by several to have lasted over 20 seconds which indicates that this may have been space debris re-entry….but more than likely a  fireball.  

  UK Meteor (Fireball) Sat Mar 03 2012

Dave says:

Liz, Victoria is where most of the reports seem to be coming from and all around 10pm to midnight times.

liz says:

i saw a flying object last night 4th March 2012 around 10pm in outer Melbourne Australia flying from south to east low in the sky. At first i thought it was a low flying plane, but it had a tail like a fire ball then coming from the east flying south was a plane that was flying a bit higher. im sure that the pilot would have see this object as it was at the same time and flying towards each other.

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