Sun In Incredible High Definition Video

NASA video shows the sun in incredible high definition. NASA has released a pulsating time-lapse video of the sun made up from images taken every 12 seconds over a six-year period.

The striking video shows the sun in incredible detail using photographs taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

The SDO was launched in 2010 and orbited the earth at 11065km/h while the earth orbited the sun at 107925km/h. The observatory’s camera pointed continuously at the sun and captured images in 10 different wavelengths.

Images used in the time-lapse were taken at a wavelength of 171 angstroms, which shows solar material about 600,000°C. The images will be studied to better understand knowledge of complex electromagnetic systems causing the constant movement of the sun. © ninemsn Source: news.com.au

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